Was it or was it not holding?
The problem with the angle is that we cannot see if the shoulderpad was grabbed. Proulx did have the angle. If he did grab it then it was holding


Your right ro, hard to make the call from my PC, without viewing a different angle...

Thanks for the video.

it should have never come down to that FG. Eskimos blew two big leads

chewwy dont give me that pal. sure we missed a few plays but it came down to that play tied 29-29 and we WON THE GAME, until proulx made that call horrible horrible call. 3rd game of the season they have scrued us with a bad call. the last 2 games the refs came out and aplogized, an Sask your going to the playoffs congrats way to go but again proulx who realy is a horrible ref and makes me sick cost us that game.

Ref had a better angle then anybody on that play so who knows if it was the right call or not but Bad choice of play by Maurer, should have just given one push. All your looking for is a fraction of a second the goal isn’t the same as when our QB is looking for seconds.

This game could have gone eithr way. Edmonton’s offense deserved the win but their defense didn’t.

Coaching: Well after the fact not taking the field goal ended up being the diffence but I liked the call…

Then there is the fact that even with a win beating a team that is settled playing backups should not put you in the playoff.

Edmonton dosen’t deserve it based on the season as a whole. Future is bright if they can improve their NI talent. Could take 2 more seasons.

well the fact is we had 5 more starters out then they did soo i dunno how they were playing all there backups

Tough to understand what you said there. Keep working on that english.....The Esks were missing 17 starters?
Name em?

acree, samuels, rhett mclean, ricky ray,jonte buhl,trever galor, bertrand,brandon guillory, kevin lefsrud,antico dalton,augustin barrenchea, tyler ebell, patt woodcock, j.r larose, charles alston, dan comiskey,

thats 16. and alot of those guys have been out for most of the season.

Didn't realize we were counting back-ups as well as starters.
Sorry about that.

But wow.
If those are your starters...?
No wonder you missed the play-offs....

That list reads like a who’s who of Nobodyville, except Ricky Ray, who must be visiting from somewhere…

nobodyville?.....yah that shows you know nothing about football my good freind. jonte buhl starter on any team. bertrand best full back in the league and has the most tackles on ST up until his injury, ricky ray best qb in the league, comiskey one of the best guards in the league. samuels a very good DB and a starter on any team. ebell might win rookie of the year if we have one. guillory had i think 6 sacks in 4 games last year,T.J acree up and coming star

Those are injured players, and many of those aren't starters but I understand what you are saying. Riders SAT out their key players. The conceded their best roster and still Edmonton allowed The Riders using backups 36 points. So I don't feel Edmonton was robbed a playoff spot or anything huge, which seems to be what many Edmonton fans are hinting at. They still would have had to win next week and Montreal Lose their two games.

Having said that Proux is just brutal, last week in the TO/MTL game he wasn't calling anything and there were many, many dirty deeds on the line of scrimmage, This week he's calling everything and anything. Hard to figure. Maybe the league told him to call a tighter game after last week's mess???

The only two that were last-minute scratches were Fantuz and Joseph...but even so, what it boils down to is the Esks' second-stringers playing against the Riders' second-stringers. Sounds like a completely fair game to me...

At least LeFors had started a couple games this year already. Crandell came in cold and on the road in a very very tough stadium to play in. If you are going to pick apart the refs then what about the drive before the field goal. Crandell put one up down the side to Henri Childs and Shabazz didn't turn around and it hit him in the back and he made no effort to turn around and that is called "faceguarding" and he turned around after the ball hit him. The rule book says "Faceguarding, and then turning to look for the ball is illegal." That would have given the Riders a 1st down and a chance for a last second FG. One bad call leads to another. Just like "piling on" is a 15 yard penalty but 2 players got kikced out for it..go figure.

Reffing is brutal but GOOD teams find ways to win. Edmonton had a fair chance to win in OT and they couldn't get an inch on 3rd down. That wasn't the refs problem. It also was not the refs problem when Edmonton couldnt punch it in on 3rd and goal and that would have likely put the game on ice.

Looking for things to complain about is a sign of being bitter and bad teams use those as excuses..sorry but it is true.

I'm sorry corneskers but Edmonton choked last night. You can blame it on the refs, or on all your no-name players that were out last night, but bottom line is you choked. You choked in two games against B.C the previous two weeks, and as we Rider fans know from the past of our own team, you need to create your own fate. Having said that, I was cheering for Fleming to make that field goal for the win and go out with a bang. Too bad a man from my former high school ruined that for him.

To get back on topic... :roll:

Like everyone has been saying, it's not the holding that was the issue. Regardless if it was holding, if that has never been called in the past, then why was it called last night?

It was not holding plain and simple. Andre Proulx has some splainin to do.

I think the second holding call on a convert?! is his explanation for the first holding call on the field goal.

So you have a different video that clearly shows that he did not grab the jersey or shoulder pad?