has the cfl redefined what a hold is, over the past couple of weeks??

watching the riders/stamps game, and with all the games last week, there appears to be more and more holds that go uncalled.

This game ive already counted over twenty holds/blocks in the back that have gone uncalled by either team... it has seemed this way for the past few weeks, anyone else notice this?

also, just a question, does the cfl have a rule about 'uncatchable balls' with regard to pass interference like in the NFL?
just wondering cause there have been a number of PI calls the past couple of weeks (namely against the riders.. including the phantom one in the endzone today) where the ball has been overthrown by 10 yards but the flag still comes up.....

the one in the end zone was catchable it was because of the hold that the stamps player-- ralph couldn't get to it; a linebacker was holding----funny how the roughie fans are crying foul now...

Who said hes a Rider fan?

sigh, i new someone was going to say i was just whining because i was a rider fan... but where exactly in my post am i whining?
if the riders had won this game, i would have posted the same thing... its not just against the riders! they are holding there share too, its every team in the league... they just simply dont call it anymore.. and im wondering why? is it to boost some offensive numbers that lagged a bit in the first half?

For example, the riders were just given the ball back on a booth review re-spot... i am a riders fan yet I am going to say without question that it was a TERRIBLE CALL... there is noway that you could see the ball passing the 36..... so yea, just to show that im not just mad cause the riders are losing... im just wondering about some questionable calls.. both ways...

Yeah that was ridiculous.

sorry for the triple post, but just had to add something,
Trey factor… how do u figure ralph could have got to that ball? the closest perso n was the riders safefty who was 8 yards away from ralph, and it was over his head by 5 yards… so unless he is Asafa Powell… and also, what u described on the penalty… that should be called illegal contact on a receiver… not PI

Thats not a triple post...haha

But yeah, the reffing just plain uck across the league.

Warning whiner posted!

Complaints are only justitfied if it is someone else complaining.

The reffing $uckS for every team every week!

If there is pass interference on a ball that is uncatchable, the rule is that the penalty should be "illegal contact on a receiver", which is 10 yards and, unlike PI, not an automatic first down.

This is a relatively new rule, and one which I insisted the league should institute for several years before they finally did. Why is it that if you grab a receiver and the pass goes to the other side of the field, 60 yards away, you get a penalty, but if you grab a receiver and the pass is thrown to him but is 10 yards away, you get away with it? It didn't make sense.

But I now think the league should consider redefining "uncatchable" to exclude those passes which have already gone beyond the reach of the receiver. If the ball has already gone over the head of the receiver at the time that the illegal contact is made, there should be no flag. This would reduce penalties against DBs who tackle receivers that they believe may have the ball. If the contact is early, flag them; if the ball is already gone, don't.

As for all the uncalled holds, you can thank the fans who whine about too many flags for that.

Absolutely agree with you about the "uncatchable ball" rule.
I get that one from fellow fans all the time. They'll be yelling at the refs about "uncatchable" and I'll try to tell them the rule really doesn't use that terminology anymore, and they'll look at me with pleading in their eyes, "but it was uncatchable..."

But regarding contacting a player after the ball is over the head of the receiver, as far as I know, that is not a penalty.
Occasionally it does seem to get called, but I think it is more a case of the timing being very close.

The biggest problem with interference calls remains the complete lack of consistancy.
I can't recall for sure which of the games it was yesterday (9 hours of brutal football has generally become a blur), but I know in one game there was an interference call where when you watched the replay, it was nearly impossible to see what the ref thought was the problem. The very next series for that team, a guy was mugged on the play and there was no call.
That type of thing is the problem.
The rules, as they are, are just fine.