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Hamilton Tiger-Cats general manager Bob O'Billovich has simplified the CFL Canadian Draft to a two-step process.

  1. Take the best available player to fill your biggest area of need.
  2. If option one is unavailable, then select the most talented player at any position.

This philosophy is a lot easier when a team is picking later in the draft, and some of the best prospects are already off the board. But for the Ticats, every 2008 prospect is currently available to them. It’s just a matter of selecting the right guy.


How could option one not be available when you hold 1st overall pick? - unless you trade it away. Opps - i see you addressed that :roll: - but why bring up the topic unless you are referring to drafting in general? The Ticats seem to have some serious needs - as would go with being the last place team - should be able to address team needs and get a "talented" player - most talented overall is highly subjective and involves comparing completely different positions. I don't see anybody close to a consensus "most talented" player on this draft board - and not sure it happens that often in most sports/drafts.

That is Obie's strategy for the overall draft.

I still stand by the fact that our Non-Import talent is solid, young and deep. There is no glaring position weakness to fill with this draft. Best athlete every round…or trade

Have to agree we have Great Canadian Depth
It Great Americans we are lacking

The best way to attack any draft at any time is taking the best player available regardless of need.

Taking a player based on need leads to reaching for a player.

So, if you have plenty of depth at a specific position and are weak in other areas, you draft guys from the position you have depth at anyways, because some how, magically i guess, you have determined these guys are "best player" types? - and then the player sits on the bench or on PR, and leaves as a FA a year or two later because he wasn't getting any playing time and making CFL minimum wage? The Ticats should draft a bunch more O-linemen - there are some supposed "best player" types on this upcoming draft board at that position - and then they could be in line for back-up jobs with all the other young O-linemen they already have/drafted.

There are different philosophies but some guys evaluate on a higher level.

Scenario: You have two players same position both similar prospect scores but one is a little lower but has had much higher academic success, is a more well rounded in terms of people skills and team attitude, while the other has quicked around a couple schools been disciplined and barred from campus.

You go with the more "talented" athlete?

IMO, it is better to strengthen a CFL team at the position
which your team has has its weakest starting Canadian.

The drafted player is unlikely to be a 1st year starter
but by the 2nd year he may take that starter's job

Determining which player plays better at his position
than other top players play at their positions
is usually a crap shot anyways.

So you're saying it's better to pass up on a future allstar and maybe Hall of Famer for a guy who will be so so and be a bandaid for one or 2 years?

Just take the damn best player available! Don't be stupid like Edmonton was when they passed up on Fantuz.

But who is the "best damn player available," though?

Is it Gigueure, Barker or Shlogan? Or someone else I'm not mentioning?

Yeah - exactly; and not taking into account position is silly - if there's a blue chip linebacker and wide receiver - both proven all-star performers in college ball and who both tested well at the CFL Combine, could you tell me how to determine who is the "best damn player" there.

There may be the odd draft year where there seems to be one player who looks like the cream of the crop - and maybe that guy should go 1st overall regardless of position; Fantuz was a great record setting receiver in CIS ball, but that draft year (06) was IMO about the deepest talent pool ever for a CFL draft - a number of top notch DI US college ball Canadians plus a couple of other star CIS players - can't see how there could have been a concensus "best damn" guy that year. Can't see if for this year's draft either (and there are several O-linemen on this draft board - Woodruff, Sorenson, J. St-Pierre - top starters in DI programs - that I don't hear getting mentioned much in CFL draft talk - maybe because they weren't at the CFL E-Camp? All the talk seems to be Barker or Giguere , or maybe Shologan as the "best" prospect or 1st overall types - I'm not so sure. And CFL drafting always seems to have surprises, oddities and sometimes downright bizzarreness. :wink:

Drexl, it's not about Obie
looking back fondly and saying

'I wasn't stupid like Edmonton was

when they passed up on taking Fantuz in 2006.

I chose a Canadian Hall of Famer in the 2008 draft

It's true, our won/lost record
didn't improve much in 2008

but my only year as Ticat's G.M.
sure was a satisfying year for me.'


What it is about is strengthening
every position on the whole T-E-A-M!!

What follows is, more W-I-N-S!! NOW!

While I know that this is the prevailing attitude around here,it drives me nuts.

I would be happily endure another horrible season or two if it means they finnaly lay the foundation of a decade or two long run of being competitive.

This short term, we need to make the play-offs this year thinking can only hurt the team in the long run.

No you draft the best player possible because you then have an option to trade other players. Say player starts on the bench. Gets in due to injury or just to spot. Plays himself into the starting position because he is that much better. You then have a trade commodity. You can trade the incumbent (because the newcomer is better & cheaper) and you get a "proven" commodity at a postion of need that is better than the guy you would have drafted just because you need him.

Now I say this because this year there is a great opportunity to get the best player possible which also turns out to be a "need" position. You can take, Giguere, Barker or Shologan because we need help at their respective positions.

If this were a draft where there was a cant miss OL or RB I would take him if he were head and shoulders better than everyone else even though we have a solid o line.

Trust me the one guy who you think will fill a need for us won't contribute to 5 more wins like you're saying. Rookie Canadians have never made massive impacts on any team. They take longer to develop than rookies in any other pro league and look at last year, Bauman was the best Canadian rookie and still he costed us games with all the drops he had. The long term is just so much more important than filling a need now, especially when we DONT need any more Canadians anyways.

I'm guessing Guigere.

The CFL draft has never lead to a team filling any short team need as long as I can remember, so I wouldn't worry about it. This team will make the playsoffs regardless of who we draft. Obie could trade this pick to Sask for a bag of pottatoes and it wouldn't affect the win loss totals of this season at all.

You're clueless: "Rookie Canadians have never made massive impacts on any team" ???

Want some evidence? :

77 - Paul Bennett - Argos - CFL all-star safety, led CFL in punt return yards
78 - Joe Poplawski - Bombers - 75 receptions/998 yards 8 TDs; CFL all-star receiver, Rookie of the Year
82 - Dave Ridgway - Sask. Riders - CFL all-star kicker with 38 field goals and 163 points
84 - Laurent Deslauriers - Esks - 9 INTs and CFL all-star safety
88 - Orville Lee - Ottawa - led the CFL in rushing yards, ROY winner
92 - Bruce Coverenton - Stamps - starting offensive tackle on the Calgary GC winning offence
93 - Mike O'Shea - Ticats - starting MLB from game one - 75 tackles, 3 sacks
99 - Eric Lapointe - Ticats - 6.6 yards/carry average & longest rush in the CFL that season - leading rusher in the GC game and GC ring
01 - Doug Brown - Bombers - 7 sacks and CFL Outstanding Canadian winner
02 - Jason Clermont - BC - CFL ROY winner with 735 receiving yards and 6 TDs
03 - Julian Radlein - Ticats - 7 TDs, CFL East top rookie
06 - Luca Congi - Riders - 163 kicking points and 86.4 % FG percentage

... to name a few notables; wayyy more have made very good impacts for their CFL teams as rookies ... yet you want to write them off.

Yes and none of those guys were first overal picks, and you know why they weren't was because the team picking first was probably trying to fill a need and passed up on the best player lol.