Holding the ball

After watching Williams get the ball punched out of his hands inches away from the endzone we have to ask;How many times must a player learn this lesson?2 things to keep in mind in the CFL if you carrying the ball-1.Always asume somebody is beside you,behind you, or in front of you trying to punch or slap the ball free.Because your side vision is slightly blocked by your helmet,take it from an ex military guy that wore helmets and gas masks that you won't see it comming so you have to presume that somebody is there and take a fast look every chance you get,qaurterbacks get blindsided evertime and this is why.2.Cover the ball with both arms and hands any chance you get and in particular when you get closer to the goal line because if you play somebody like Winnipeg you will learn big game changing and career changing lessons,Winnipeg are big time ball punchers and slappers thats how they win. :cowboy:

Certain players somersault, high step/kick, hold arm out pointing at opposition with ball in hand before crossing, etc. Personally, I never ever liked it...Why incite?
Football 101 teachers you to wrap up the rock immediately with 2 arms after you first catch it, so that it will not be knocked out with impending impact. Same goes for hand-offs. When a receiver has an opening, switching to a one-arm hold allows for speed to run, create lateral momement, deke, and creat maximum yards. But if you see the goal line and possible impending traffic in front or possibly from behind near the goal line......get it in your mind that you are a full-back and wrap up the damn rock a few yards before the goal. Football 101.
As far as antics after the TD. How about high-fiving the O-line or shaking hands with the QB? It wasn't just you that got that TD. Do you think they want you to act the fool on a concerted effort? Maybe, but did you ask first?
I always liked the way Rocky Dipietro would celebrate a touchdown. He'd cross the goal-line, raise his hands or not, and then hand or flip the ball to the ref and carry on. Classy.

I believe this is a coaching issue. Especially the showboating type of goal-line crosses. Last year Bauman was taunting the opposing team by holding out the ball before he crossed the line. This year I saw Porter hold the ball up over his head on a 5 yard rushing TD. I cringe every time I see that. Marcel should be disciplining players for such stupidity. Anything can happen down at the 1 yard line. Last year Ronald Flemons and Deandra Cobb both lost the ball crossing the line, and so far this year Chad Kackert and Chris Williams cost their teams a TD.

Whenever I see a player going through his ridiculous endzone celebration routine, I'm always reminded of that expression.."act like you've been there before". As has been pointed out, they got there with a LOT of help and the game's not over yet. If it's a last second touchdown that wins the game, fine then, I understand.

I think, we need to be mindful of what Chris Williams and his young colleagues have also brought to this team. Speed, good hands and YAC yardage. Remember the win in BC and what else he did in the Bomber game. And along the way, some great entertaining catches. They say that with every rookie they potentially cost you a game.

Eddie Steele is another example of a young player who found his way onto the starting lineup (defensive line) and is doing his part.

It's not just rookie DB's that are suffering growing pains here, but a rookie DC as well. These kids not only have to endure the pains of a new team and professional football, but a new system and coach whose on a steep learning curve himself. That's a lot to ask from a fresh face recruit!!!

Let's say the secondary is a problem and Obie goes shopping for replacements. No matter how good the newbie or newbies are, they still won't know our system or the Canadian game for that matter. So, in essence, won't they be like rookies too and be vulnerable to the same mistakes? Just wondering.

Agreed that showboating before crossing the line carries an amount of unnecessary risk, and the coaches should lay down the law about it to the players. The image of Porter raising the ball over his head, then pulling it back down when he realized that he wasn't as open as he thought he was early this season sticks with me in particular.

But just to be clear, you're not saying that Cobb's and Williams's fumbles at the goal line were a result of showboating, are you? Cobb lost the ball reaching for the goal line and lost control just before scoring. Williams had the ball knocked out of his hands from behind when he had to slow down to allow Stala to block the defender who was between him and the goal line. Maybe Williams should have wrapped the ball up better, knowing that there was a potential of someone catching up with him when he slowed down. And maybe Cobb should have been satisfied with the first down on the one. No, scratch that. Cobb did the right thing that time, and lost the ball in one of his rare fumbles. But neither player was showboating.

I'm assuming that you were just using these as examples of the types of things that can happen at the goal line to back up you aversion to showboating there. Right?

That's exactly right. When I first saw that play I thought he was looking back at the defender, but when I saw the replay I realized what happened.

I don't believe any player on this team would have had a better grip on the ball, in that situation, than Chris Williams did. The ball was STRIPPED on a great, never quit, effort by the WPG defender. There are veterans on this team who might well, by what they've shown in the past, have been carrying that ball like a purse or a loaf of bread, in show-off mode, as they approached the goal line. Chris Williams is this team's top receiver this season, by a long shot, and stands #7 in a league full of outstanding receivers. He's played in just 7 CFL games. And, I say we ain't seen nothin' yet compared to what this kid can do.

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Yes you are right CatsFaninOttawa I wasn't trying to bring showboating into the discussion.It was just a fatal mistake that cost us a TD in a 30-27 loss,Iam sure it was a bigger heart break for Chris at it was for us but anyway we have the second half of the season to look forward to including the Labour day game against Montreal so I will be there along with rest of us to support the team in a badly needed win-Go Cats! :rockin:

Yes, that is correct. I realize that both Cobb and Williams were not showboating on their particular fumbles. Basically what I'm saying is that when players sniff the goal line then ball security is of the utmost importance as anything can happen. A strip, drop, punch-out or a big hit. So for me the showboating part BEFORE crossing the line is almost a cardinal sin.