Holding should be legal

Radical idea to protect qbs, reduce penalties, improve offensive output, and create amazing wrestling matches along the o line, holding by offensive lineman should be legal.
I believe this would also entice a lot of new viewers to check out the CFL game.

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i am not a fan of wrestling and i know i would not be a fan of two teams wrestling with a football around


or they could say that no one is allowed to tackle or hit the QB, only hug him


Also, allow O- lineman to have cattle prods to fend off d-lineman and protect the qb. Either that or a switchblade.

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KATANAS also please

also refs should be illegal


Offensive linemen flipping Nunchuks... could it get any better?!

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Did EZ football get a new member name???


oh yea wrong answers only haha

aliens should be legal. or at least some kind of alien tech.

i thought it might be the other dude who flounced recently what’s his name everyman? lol i need to go look

oh here yes it was him

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Cry for help that post was

Wrestling match thing was just an aside people. Open your minds a bit and think about how often plays are nullified and game is slowed down by holding calls
Also if you really know football you know that holding happens on almost every play anyway.
Like i said its maybe a radical thought but as a lifetime student of the game, its something i have pondered for many years. Quit feeding your egoes by trying to riducule someone and try to think about hkw to save this ge from obscurity.

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Ok im done here. I thought this was a construcive forum for serious discussion, but now i see its just a place for children to play.

i think you need to re-assess your radical idea a bit. the idea of change wasn’t the problem there.

and my wrestling reply was serious and you tossed it bro

How can we save this league from obscurity? My best translation guess

i used google translate and it said something else

lol i know what he meant, i was just thinking :thinking::grin:

maybe make o-line wear boxing gloves

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i’m distracted by this chiefs raiders football game that is a football game that shouldn’t be a football game.

Ok im back. Just think about it. Why do we penalize for holding? What benefit does it have?
I have been a cfl / football fan for 50 years, and i love the game. Perhaps this wouldnt be a good idea but i dont know why. Any serious thinkers out there have a thought?

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i am not one of those people

we have been discussing this stuff in multiple threads ad nauseum

also significantly editing the thread op after comments have been made is just poor forum decorum.