Holding - Saskatchewan #53

I know this has been mentioned on other topics, but I thought this warrants a topic of its own. What does everyone think about the play of Charles Thomas. I have been saying for the past few weeks that I have noticed Charles reverting to his old ways. It seems whenever the Riders get a big first down, there is a holding call on Thomas. He was getting beat like a rented mule by Brent Johnson in the BC game. What is the deal, he played well for most of the season, but now it seems like he's got nothing left?

.....turf 'em.....enough stupid holding penalties.....he's been taking them all year - even when he was playing "well", whatever that means for him.....

.....you'll have to excuse me.....I'm not a Thomas fan.....

good call turf him cant play unless he can hold

I am also not a fan of Thomas. Am I out to lunch, or did he have an NFL tryout in the last offseason? What NFL team would want a dud like him?

You are not out to Lunch, for some reason they though Thomas was good, they quickly learned otherwise, hence his very short stay south of the border. He has in my opinion played way better than last year, but I still think he is by far our worst Linemen, and I am OK with the Turfing calls.

We should trade him to Montreal for Flory.... when Flory signed that most recent contract in Montreal, how long was it for? Is he a free agent this year maybe??

That would definitely give us the best O-line in the league..... unless of course Flory doesn't play guard... I think he does, but I'm not sure about it.

He plays Guard. But he doesn't want to play in our offensive system, where the guards and tackles switch based on strong side and week side. Don't you rememebr us signing him, and then himn signing with Mtl at the same time, and crying and going back to Montreal, becuase he couldn't handle being the "weak side" guard. Don't get me wrong he is a heck of a football player, and I would welcome him on the team, but it seems he has issues to work out first.
Plus there is no way in hell Mtl would trade him for Thomas.

I forgot about the strong and weak side thing...... I did remember the fiasco before, but I thought it was just that he decided that he did want to go back to Montreal instead of spending the whole year in Regina. He's from there, isn't he?

I didn't actually expect Mtl to make that trade, unless of course we actually gave them a good player or two on top of Thomas.

Doesn’t Thomas play Tackle?

He does. we were talking about Flory playing gaurd, and also most likely the Big Chill will be retiring soon, unfortunately

Charles Thomas is the biggest waste of American talent besides half of our receivers. Lazeo I belive is a tackle, and he is a non-import. He can't do any worst than Thomas. Start him and lets get some good receivers in the game. Richardson, Domiguez, Moore, Thurmon. That would be one of the better receiving cores in the league. If you need help leave Szarka in to block, also has anyone even noticed how good Keith is at blocking and picking up blitzes? One more reason why we need him. Holmes doesn't do it as well.

Problem with starting Lazeo is that it does not leave us with a canuck backup..until we can get another bonafide Canadian O linemen we have to play Thomas :frowning: ..IS Frennete back yet or still injured? I assume he still injured since we have that new bonehead snapper.

Thomas is the weak link in our O-Line. I have never been a big fan of his, but none of you will be if on sunday, you just watch him for like 5 plays straight. He gets beat almost every time, and if he doesnt get beat, that usually means he was holding the guy and we cannot afford those 10 yard penalties anymore, our offense has enough troubles as it is. I dont care how we do it but we have got to get rid of this guy.