Holding on Kick/Punt Returns

For some reason, the amount of returns called back on holds has bothered me this year.

Not that their called (unless the had zero impact on the play) but how they are applied.

It seems most times, a hold will take place after a returner has advanced the ball 30, 40 yards or further upfield. But the penalty will be applied back from the point the ball was first caught.

Wouldn't it potentially create more scoring if the penalty was applied from the point of the infraction?

So if a returner caught the ball at the 15 and had a good return going say up to the 50 or even a TD, but there was a hold at 40. The penalty would be applied 10 yards back to the 30, instead of taking it all the way back to the 5.

Maybe thats how the rule is supposed to be applied, if so they dont do it very often.

I thought that is how the rule was supposed to be applied as well, but you’re right, the application appears to be inconsistent. The rule is applied that way in the NFL.

There are 3 types of holding on a punt
Holding during the return
Holding before the ball was kicked
Holding while the ball was in the air

During the return its 10 yards back from where the returner was at the time

While the ball was in the air is 10 yards back from where it was caught

Before it was kicked is also 10 yards from where it was caught

Dont mean to sound sarcastic but next time listen to how it is announced

It does sound sarcastic but, I do listen when TSN isn't talking over the ref and have heard what you noted "while the ball is in the air"and "before the kick", but that is called out very seldom.

I am referring to once the ball has been caught and a return is in process. If these penalties are supposed to be applied from point of infaction it happens very sledom. You will he occasionally on a play from scrimmage "after yards were gained" but not usually on returnes.

Maybe its too much to ask CFL refs to walk, chew gum and spot points of infractions at the same time.

There was a few they have pointed out that were extremely ticky tack calls that had zero effect on the play .

The refs are trying too hard to find things like they have a quota some game days .

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or the players could just kinda like ya know, NOT HOLD.

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Like the NFL ?

The NBA and NFL realized a long time ago let the players play and go with the high athletic performance over a well enforced rules game to supply high end sports entertainment ...... that sells advertisement .

Travel is common practice in the NBA ... holding is liberally applied in the NFL .

there is tons of rule offences going on but nobody wants to see flags every play like we see in the CFL some games .

The CFL game is played best when the most overt offences or possible injury causing penalties that would effect the outcome of the game are called sparingly .

Thank good ness they don't have the incidental contact flags off the line that were common not long ago . Receivers running into DB's to get a penalty were an actual offensive play .

They got rid of them as they were killing the flow and integrity of the game to staggering lows .

Dont do the crime = very few flags.

After decades of playing non contact ball where receivers and dbs did not or were not allowed even touch one another during play, I dont understand why dbs keep putting one hand on the receiver while knocking the ball down with the other. They doesnt have to that and they doesnt have to hold when they shouldnt.

I would agree with you but the NFL lets them play for the ball way more often on the play and let the most athletic player win .

Penalties are not called as often and they are no way more disciplined .

They figured out awhile back what people want to see ..... then they sell that .

you may have a point, but I do see a fair amount of flags in NFL games as well.

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Sometimes they don't but still get called.


bush league reffing.

But.. notice how the NFL lets hand fighting and contact go on downfield between the defender and receiver. It allows the DB some chance of breaking up a play and so only blatant offences such as grabbing a jersey or actually holding the receiver is called. It seems that CFL rules over protect the receiver to the point that the DB has to commit an offence with his arms as body contact and hand fighting are verboten. And of course we allow Coaches to challenge P I.
I wouldn't want to be a DB in the CFL as i'd be right in the Ref's face every time I was called for P I.... And there are away too many flags in our game.. period !