Holding on Bratton's punt return TD


I can see 3 holds on this TD. First on #3 Khalil Carter, then on #50 Mike O'Shea, and most blatantly on #99 Ron Flemons in the middle of the field.

That's what put the game away for Montreal.

Please pass the reefer....

We take it back
MTL now wins 19-13 instead of 26-13
Feel better now????????????

I'd gladly trade him the Bratton return for Boulay's interception.


The only one that was even close to a hold was the one against Flemons and if any ref ever calls that then they are just being ridiculous. Excellent blocking by the Als. They were deserving of that TD.

This video is not to complain about non-calls. I am only trying to show that holding can be called on just about every play, and that fans only see what they want to see.

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That was awful. :twisted:

You gotta be kidding me.

None of those holds affected the game in any way.


  1. you admit they are holds.
  2. Is the ref only supposed to call holding that affect the game?

No I think the Argos could have won...because IF Cox hadn't interfered with Bruce on that disputed pass play, Arland probably would have run it in for a TD and the Argos would have won 20-19. That's assuming Bratton's return was called back for all those holds.
I feel better now. :slight_smile:

By the way, good replays guys.

Funny how its only argo fans that actually believe there was interferance on that play

Good video, ro.
All the calls you point out are more flagrant than the 3 "phantom" calls TISH points to.
I remember him pointing out the holding on a previous thread and I took the time to review that play then, and I don't believe any of those "holds" were, and from other angles on replay, it actually proved the refs got it right in all 3 cases.
That punt return was as clean a play as you will ever get.

Venting is good. I am glad it makes you feel better.
But there simply was no interference on that play. None!
It isn't even a marginal call--just really bad!!

BTW Doubleblue

The only one worth of a penalty was the clip. That one was dangerous. The one TIMH linked us to were nothing worthy of a foul. The two holds ro1313 were far enough from the play that there shouldn't be a flag.

I agree....MY point was that on almost every play you can find some sort of penalties. Some should be called and some should not be called! Many fans think every penalty should be called when it favors their team.

How many times do we hear the famous "non-calls"?

That ball was over Bruce's hands. So unless Cox found a way to interfere with Bruce by shrinking him there was no way he was coming down with that pass and beating cox and boulay along the sidelines.

I looked at that video of brattons TD and I saw one play that would almost be considered a hold but is so marginal and caused so little intereference it shouldnt be called

Good point. The fouls that should be called are the ones at the point of attack. UR and RP have to be called anywhere on the field. As an official (and just a measley amateur one at that) we are taught "See the foul, find the ball, make the call" Which means, you may have a hold, but if it occurs way out of the play, there is no flag. It comes down to advantage gained.