Holding it down in Saint-Jean!

Man, these loses are starting to pile up... but you know what? I still love them 'Cats!

The only TV's that we have in "the mega" here in Saint-Jean are in our laundry room. This laundry room is usually PACKED to the rafters. Well... for every 'Cats game I go down there and haggle with the people to allow my to watch the game.

So even in Saint-Jean Quebec I'm holding it down for the 'Cats!

Anyways... the games have also helped create commradeship with my fellow platoon members. Everyweek a few people would come down to watch the game with me. So for fun we'd make bets on the outcome. It gave us all a way to bond.

I did get to see one win out here though!

Go Cats!

Hey Rusty:
Thanks for what you're doing out there for your beloved Canada.

Thanks also, for keeping in touch and remaining a staunch Ticat fan. You're in our prayers.

Hey Rusty.... glad to see ya posting again.... keep making us proud....