HOLDING On one drive alone i seen the left tackle holding more then one play .
I no the cat's can not use that excuse for the horrible start to the game but oh my lord HOLDING IS A PENALTY .

After our last victory, I read the same type of complaints on other fan forums about missed holding calls without hearing anything about a few missed calls on their own players. Blaming the refs and coming up with a list of “what ifs” that would have the opposite result happening due to a call or lack thereof is just a way of making oneself feel better. Unfortunately, missed calls are a part of the game. They are frustrating when they are painfully obvious such as the one on the Dressler TD, but as you say we didn’t lose because of that. We need to be consistent enough to take the refs out of the game. We can’t keep giving up a double digit lead and expect to come back and win. There are lots of missed calls and bad calls, but you have to learn to deal with that stuff or you’ll drive yourself crazy.

Precisely. Were it as one dimensional as changing a particular call one way or another to affect the outcome of the game in our favour, it would be a simple matter, would it not? There are too many contingencies of which coaches must obviously take account, and with the benefit of hindsight, it becomes facile to claim that had an aspect of the game changed in some way, we could have won. That kind of thinking renders football such an easy game to understand and win that anyone could do it; let's give the team a little more credit than that.