Holding call on Fleming field goal

I didn't get to see the game but given the situation unless it was really blatant if I were an Eskimos fan I would be ticked. I wasn't surprised to find out the head official was Proulx. Bad way for Fleming to end his football career.

Camera angle doesn't show whether or not it was a hold so no one will ever know. But yeah it does suck for Fleming. Although not nearly as much now that Montreal won and the Esks would have missed the playoffs anyway.

Maybe Fleming will get a chance to kick a winner next weekend.

I agree. I am happy Montreal won, otherwise that holding call killed the Esks playoff hopes.

It was an obvious hold. Maurer's (who I am a big, big fan of and I was heartbroken when he was sent to Ottawa) right arm was stretched out and it caught the guy rushing right around the mid section. Maurer was on the extreme right hand side of the line and the replay showed it clearly IMO. For once the CFL officials got it right.
It is possible that the 'rider rushing may have seen that big outstretched arm and ran right for it looking for a holding call which is a good play on his part, but I don't think the officals blew this one.
Too bad for Fleming. He is hall of fame bound.
Does anyone know if those cigars and champagne he bought for the team were the good kinds?

I think it was a bogous call. Lets call this a Proulx from now on.

Regarless of the call I am extatic that it happened and how the game turned out.

I love that we effectivly ended edmontons season. Makes me happy all over, even if it was because of a horrible call, and no I don't feel bad for Fleming at all, that guy had a great career and I saw him put many of nails in rider coffins I am glad the Riders were able to put the last nail in his coffin.

Woooo Hoooo go Riders Go!

(I know all that was a silly arrogant thing to say but hey we finnaly have a team to be arrogant about!)

nope, cause he ain't playing!

I hate the Esks. But that call at that point was bad. The worst of the year. Holding happens on every play.

Who’s kicking for the Esk’s?

I don't know that we know it won't be Fleming, but with the 'Smoes out of the play-offs they might give their #1 draft pick this year some action.
I think you give Fleming his final game though...

So now George Black has said that while technically it was the right call it shouldn't have been made at that point in the game:

Makes me wonder if Austin and Tillman had kept their complaints between them and the league whether there would also have been some apology for the initial ejections in the Hamilton game?

THen why even have it at all. Let all the offensive lineman hold all they want.