Hold your heads high...

To all the non A@@hole bomber fans,

As a Ti-cat fan Im certainly qualified to comment on being so close but so far...getting soooo excited only to be miserably let down. One thing I can say is that in a couple days to a week...the sting will lessen a little and you will see this season for what it really was...a remarkable turn around by a team that went 4 - 14 with basically the same roster. Pierce seems like the real deal after all, maybe you guys just need some better receivers/maybe a new OC. I see a 3 horse race for the east next year, should be a good one!

PS: I hope nobody on the bombers feels that they didn't honor Richard Harris with this loss in the Cup...you guys honored him all season, Im sure he's holding his head high in heaven.


Good post.

Odell Willis spit on Richard Harris' grave with his selfish rants about not making the All-Star team and saying he'd rather be home for Thanksgiving than play in the Grey Cup. He played like he'd rather be somewhere else in the GC game and ruined any realistic chance of getting back in the game by dropping that gift-wrapped pick-six. Richard Harris is probably shedding a few tears of disappointment, knowing that the Mayor of Swaggerville punked out on his team.

Richard Harris won't rest in peace until the Bombers win a Grey Cup.

wow dude. you really need to get over yourself

your last line there again.. just too far dude. show some respect.

the team honored richard harris, odell too.. they played with heavy hearts all year..

i think you really need to do some soul searching "bro" and find yourself because the comments you have wrote recently are very much pushing the limits.

RICHARD HARRIS is proud of his boys, you know what coach harris would have done.. he would have been the guy walking off the field with his arms around willis, telling him its ok.. it's ok that he didnt make that play because in football, the game comes down to more than just 1 play.. you can make odell the scapegoat cuz for some reason you take twitter to seriously but.. to say he spit on harris's grave... man, grow up. if anyone spit on harris's memory, it was you when you decided to hit submit on your post. heres a hint, b4 hitting submit, and this is coming from a guy who talks crap on here in the main site... re read what you wrote and ask yourself if you really think its neccesary to say some of the things you have said. hashtagGROWUP.