Hold the Curry???

Why oh why did they not have Nate Curry, the recent outstanding Special teams player of the week, returning kicks/punts?????
What is Taaffe thinking??? Armstead did nothing and Walker should have been benched for last week's blunder. Curry is great back there...it's a no-brainer. Can somebody explain the rationalle???
I know Jo Jo is a former Taaffe player at Maryland, but come on...

Yeah I'll be happy to explain it to you:

Nate was only placed back there cause armstead was hurt. Now that he is back Nate will no longer be back there. And for the record that job is only up for walker and armstead when both or in good health.

Who cares why he was put in. He produced...and big time! Outstanding special teams player of the week!!! Need I say more?
Armstead and Walker did nothing. I'd also love to see Lumsden back there.

lol you care, thats why you asked. Anyhow thats why curry will not be in.

True he did a outstanding job but that spot isnt for him.

And lumsden will not be back there any this season.
Kinda stupid to put your best RB back there for a chance to get hurt.

What I implied is what's the difference why he was put in. Curry is OBVIOUSLY suited to being a returner. You'd have to be dumb to not realize that.
...and couldn't your best receiver also get hurt. I'm not saying Lumsden should be returning kicks, but Curry DEFIINITELY should!!!

Well Obviously he has the skills to do it. That much has been seen.

I just told you the difference why he isnt back there anymore this season til armstead or walker gets hurt.

Take it or leave it, but i dont think the ticats really care what we think.

What has Jo Jo shown to win it over Curry??? Armstead has a history, but he hasn't shown much either. I just don't get it...or should I say, Taaffe just doesn't get it?

Hey rockfish i have to agree with you when curry was the returner we seemed to get more yardage . but if i am correct loyalty to his players when they are hurt and come back is probably the reason walker and armstead were back there. also the person you were chatting with is i believe is walkers brother

I understand the reasoning but I still think Armstead is too valuable to risk back there. The team is thin enough on quality receivers.

An Argo-Cat fan

you know what... call me crazy but I think Kendrick Starling would be an amazing choice for KR/PR. Starling can flat out fly.

lol calm down fish its not that serious. armstead does have history as well as jojo just at maryland.

And the reason they are both back there is cause of that reason, not to forget about the speed.
Walker runs a 4.36, and armstead has it to burn too

to me i dont really care who is back there. lets just block and let them run

What more does Curry have to do to earn the job??? WE shouldn't be searching for new returners...Nate Curry is the man. This just boggles my mind. I wish I could ask Taaffe to answer why not Curry??? Plus, it would not risk an injury to your supposed top receiver.

the ticats should move curry to safety since he a ballhawk and can dominate physically. holla at me.

Therein lies the problem. Blocking has been marginal at best so we haven't seen what JoJo and Jason can really do to bring the ball upfield.

After Curry had that great week I would have preferred to continue to see him returning. This guy showed some strong skills, so stick with him.

My simple evaluation is this. Curry has not shown that much at receiver, and most team's returners are that 5th or 6th receiver who can focus on returning, and won't hurt the team as much if injured. We all know that Armstead is a great receiver, and this is where he is most valued. Armstead has been hurt and more likely to get hurt some more if he is returning kicks. The same goes for Lumsden returning. Walker may need to get back in there to atone for his mistake last week (ie. get back on the horse), but all things said he hasn't shown anything special.

For me it should be a simple as putting in the player who at the time is the best at playing that position. After the game last week Curry showed he was the best, so play him again regardless of who was injured previously, you have to go with who is hot.

One thing I can't understand is why we never put two guys back to receive kicks, not all the time, but when it is crucial to catch the ball in the air. This is usualy when a team is caught deep in their own end, or when the wind will make the depth of the kick unpredictable. Any time there is a short high kick this year, if you catch it, the other team will usually get a 15 yard penalty, and you will end up in good field position.


Curry had the same blocking and look what he did. Curry should be returning kicks and punt. Case closed.

Finally someone with some sense. Agreed 100%. Now if only coach Taaffe showed some common sense. Is his loyalty to Jo Jo(Maryland alumni) clouding his vision? Who is the Special Teams coach?

lol yeah you are so right fish.
Curry had the same problems and he did much better.

So ill call up armstead and walker and tell them both to ask if curry can take over that job.

How is that.

Yes, I know sarcasm when I here it. But how can you argue with Curry's performance and Walker and Armstead's lack of it???