Hold That Tiger?

Well after all the hardship of injuries, loses and stadium delays in opening the Cats are still tied for second in the East with three teams and and one win each in the pathetic East Division of 2014. Hey the Argo's are now on top with 4 points, if it keeps going this way by the end of the season the East might be won by a team with only 6 wins, although right now even that would be a dream?

After what I saw from MTL TOR game we will beat up them like a drum everytime.

If Ottawa wins tonight they are in first since they beat the Argos a couple of weeks ago. Who would have thought the possibility of the REDBLACKS in first place going into Week 7
The way things are going it is likely that the last place team in the West will cross over and have a better record than the first place team in the East

Regarding the first comment, it doesn't surprise me at all. The way the system was set up for an expansion team almost guaranteed a very competitive team. In my opinion, expansion teams should not be competitive right out of the blocks but have to build their team through drafting, trades, free agency, etc. the same way the other teams have done. Too many good players that should have been able to stay with their former team are on the Ottawa squad.

The second comment, that is almost guaranteed!

The only problem is......that is an impossibility. The last place team in the West can't cross over to the East come playoff time.

I don't see Ottawa beating the Riders - unless the Riders forget to show up - something like they did in Toronto.

Some Argo fans think that the team played :roll: well but ANYONE could have beaten the sorry Als with the way that they were playing. I agree that we can beat both teams - Argos might be a bit tougher with Ray but beating them on Labour Day at the new stadium would be the best way to christen the new field! :smiley:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :thup: :thup: :thup:

Since last year there were only 4 teams in the west and this year there are 5 this was a totally understandable brain fart.


A healthy TiCats team can beat anyone in the West.

A healthy Ti-Cats team can, but we still need a QB too many unproven QB’s on this team, we have five back up QB’s unless someone can step up and demonstrate the ability to take control of this team and play with a winning consistency, the one game win that LeFevour had against Ottawa is great but lets see him do that more than once. Every QB on the Tiger-Cats is still unproven as far as I’m concerned even Collaros until they can take this team make their own and win games, Zack did it Toronto last year, when he’s healthy again, hopefully he can, if not someone else should step up. Look at Willy he’s made the difference in Winnipeg, a back up QB in Sask last year who became a starter in Winnipeg and made that team his own.


Yes , I agree BIGCAT. I also believe that a healthy offensive line ( featuring Joel Figueroa ) and a consistent group of receivers will aid in that development of a new starting QB. Under the circumstances I think LeFevour has done a good job.
I'm still not sold that he is the guy ( I am also not sold that Collaros is the guy ) but our 1- 4 record is not Lefevour's fault. I still believe that if we are healthy we can beat anyone.

what the heck.... after all he was a Cowboy starter... that must count for something eh?