Well you knew there was something rotten in Denmark when the TSN2 came out and you would see all the different sports supposedly being advertised on their commercials.
Now the Edmonton-Montreal game has been pushed to TSN2(clone to mother US wanabee network ESPN2?) on September 21, when the boring Ryder cup will be telecast on TSN.
This is not fair and why should the league accept it, being bumped. It's interesting to see if this leagally would void the new TV deal? I certainly hope they will if not already file a protest and immediately request the reverse to take place.
The golf numbers cannot compare to the CFL, frankly nothing else can.
Now I would like to see TSN try the same for NFL, MLB and NHL. Somehow I doubt this would happen.
This for me would be the last straw and together with the league being blindsided(should have known better) with the playoffs and GC not being on theCTV network.
Anyone home over there at CFL HO? It's your move.

[url=http://www.globesports.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20080913.wspt-tsn2-13/GSStory/GlobeSportsOther/home]http://www.globesports.com/servlet/stor ... Other/home[/url]

I doubt it would void it. The contract is to televise the games and they are doing that....

There is also the possibility that TSN doesn't even have to show them in the first place. The league received the money, not much they can say about it

Again it would depend on the wording of the contract.
But, having said that I doubt the CFL would have been smart enough to include a provision, just like the CTV thing.
Sad indeed.

Yes the wording is what counts but I have never seen a contract that tells the buyer what he can/must do with the product after he buys it!

This is BS.... betcha the game doesn't even draw 30K (viewers)
I have the Shaw sports package and do not get TSN2.
They are bumping the CFL to show Americans and Europeans.... O Canada our home a..

Interesting cost/benefit analysis. Sell some TSN2 subscriptions / pi** off a whole bunch of loyal CFL viewers. TSN has such quality morals.

Like I have said a truly wanabee US(ESPN & ESPN2) network.
On the one hand we will increase CFL coverage on the other hand we'll screw it up at the same time.

Bell has picked up TSN2 but whether or not they will charge extra is another matter… Oh well, there is always RDS for the Als games…

I said it last year and Ill say it again about CBC/TSN…Be carefull what you wish for, you may get it!

Yes true, but ultimately we know how the CFL only negotiated with TSN.
How irresponsible that is in any business world transaction.

I just checked all my HD channels and TSN2 now shows as a subscribed channel so it must be included in the package assuming you already have TSN HD

What provider?

Its supposed to be 403 and 848 on bell but neither is showing on the guide

848HD and 403, just checked I have them both, just watched sport center

Sorry, Bell Expressvu

I personally was very happy that CBC was no longer broadcasting CFL games as their commentary was horrible. With that said its better than not being able to see the game period. TSN has gone ahead and decided to push the Edmonton vs. Montreal game on Sunday September 21st from TSN to their new TSN2.

Not every carrier brings in TSN2 yet, secondly for those of us on a budget (myself included, I am a student who is very tight on cash and can barely afford to get TSN as it is) it is going to require upgrading our cable packages to digital boxes ect. I personally find this unacceptable not only that its being bumped but the fact that its being bumped for the Ryder Cup which has zero Canadian content this year.

Please take a few minutes to send in some emails to the CRTC ( http://www.crtc.com ), TSN ( audiencerelations@tsn.ca ), and the CFL ( http://www.cfl.ca/legacy/cfl_contact ) and voice your complaints about this, as I am sure you will all agree this is not a good thing, especially when the CFL fan base is growing at the moment.

Confirmation of TSN2 only broadcasting the Esks. vs. Als. game



I already wrote an email to TSN and my provider Shaw..

that's just terrible.

Strange, I dont have either

Whatdayaknow, they just showed up on the guide

I have it, but how many do on Bell? Maybe 1 in 10?

If you have TSN with Bell, Im sure you will have TSN2

well what ticks me off.. is how are people in Alberta, suppose to watch the game? or the Guys out in B.C.??

we don't have TSN2 yet! they're cutting out a huge portion of CFL fans here!

From the TSN2 web site

Access (Regina) 264
Aliant 99
Amtelecom 110
Bell TV 403, 848 HD
Bluewater TV Cable 64
City West Cable & Telephone Corp 133
Coast Cable 295
Cogeco 156, 729 HD
Delta Cable 295
EastLink 100
Ex-Cen Cablevision 64
Nexicom Communications 407
Novus Entertainment 236
Persona (Ontario) 500
SaskTel 115
Westman Communications Group 69