Hold on a second, don't be too thrilled....

That win was really ugly and the Riders are lucky we saw the 2007 Ticats in the first half. The way the Riders played for most of the second half, they won't last long in the playoffs if they make it. If Davis makes that catch and converts that second down, Ticats likely win. He dropped it and that was the turning point. Nothing the Riders did right in the last 5 minutes, just that dropped pass that killed Hamilton.

There shoudl be no joy in this win, luck, Bagg, Cates and Dressler won this one. Another sub par performance by most others including Durant. :thdn:

Glass half empty eh? Calgary and BC would love to have the Riders problems and record.

Wow! Thank God I didn't watch the game while hangin' out with Terminator.

Now I know why you call yourself Terminator. :roll: You sure know how to kill it.

You think it was the 2007 Ti-Cats? That means you think the Riders had nothing to do with the 23 - 0 lead.

"If Davis makes that catch . . . Blah Blah Blah . . . Ti-Cats likely win" ?

What are you some kind of Pissing in the wind Guru?

No such thing as an ugly win, unless you're you.

Sucks to be you.

I suppose harrell would have made it prettier?

Well lets just put it this way, a high school team would have built a bigger lead than 23-0 at halftime against that pathetic Ticat team in the 1st half. For gods sake Durant was only 15-30, 193 yards against a pathetic defense like that. Against any other team in the West, and Montreal, we Riders would have gotten it handed to them tonight.

This game should have been a major blowout in the first quarter. Instead Durant and the rest of the crew barely eaked out a win and almost managed to pull a loss out of the hat.

Whatever. Thanks for your opinion. There are seven other teams to cheer for. You should try one of them out since you obviously aren't cheering for the Riders.

Tied for first.....Why not be thrilled...

The Offensive game plan was exciting also.

The only real "concern" at this point is, in 7 games we've been outscored.... 7 - 75..... combined 3rd quarter scores.

Here! Here! (Banging the table with an open hand to express my approval for this comment)

You should just play for the Riders and that way we would always win and never have anything to complain about or improve on.

That pathetic Hamilton defence almost shut down the First place Als.
That pathetic Hamilton defence is avg'ing 18 points allowed in the last 4 weeks.
That pathetic Hamilton defence has 2 of the top 3 tacklers in the league.
That pathetic Hamilton defence has 8 INTs in 7 weeks.
That pathetic Hamilton defence has 6 fumble recoveries in 7 weeks.
That pathetic Hamilton defence is 4th in the league for fewest passes completed and fewest completion %.
That pathetic Hamilton defence is 2nd in the league for avg points allowed per game.
That pathetic Hamilton defence is 2nd in the league for total points allowed per game.
That pathetic Hamilton defence is 1st in the league for fewest rushing Tds allowed.
That pathetic Hamilton defence is 4th in the league for fewest TDs allowed.
That pathetic Hamilton defence got under your skin!

Hey Terminator, in the words of Arnold as Terminator T-model 101, "Chill out D!ck waad"

Just ignore his posts, he's a troll. And a not too bright one at that.

On a windy evening with a rain soaked ball 15 of 30 ain't bad. Are you really that pessimistic about the Riders or do you just like to get a reaction from everyone? The Riders scored 23 unanswered points in the first half. The Cats rallied and scored 16 unanswered points in the third quarter. In the fourth the cats scored 7 and the Riders scored 10. We outscored Hamilton in three out four quarters. I haven't looked at the stats yet but I believe time of possession went to the Riders. You really can't be all that unhappy considering most of us believed Hamilton was a better team going in. It will be interesting to see the power rankings this week!

Well i am happy for the win but there are area's of concern.Durants numbers are not that good really and the return game was better but not close to good enough.Glad to see jason clermont get a little more into the game he seemed open all day.

It was a good win for the Riders. The D and the offense both came up big in the 4th. The one concern I have is special teams. Another blocked punt and another fumbled punt reception combined with miniscule return yards which always puts us in poor field position or gives up unnecessary points to the opposition. What is wrong with Boreham? His yardages on punts and kickoffs are sub par - is he injured?

How can one play be the difference between a win and a loss in a 10 point game? It's not like we were running the score up with that last field goal.

If Davis makes that catch, they likely score and changes the compelxion of the last 5 minutes. Ham then has the momentum.

I am a Rider fan but I look at the regular season games as a clue to the coaching philosophy of the coaches and the direction the offense and defense is going.

Right now my impression is that we are winning games only by other teams playing bad, not by us playing well.

And to the commentors that I am always pessimistic, check out all my posts, I do give credit to numerous players that I feel are giving their best and have what it takes to play in this league. But at the same time, I call a spade a spade and if that offends some of you, then too bad, don't read my posts then.

well.. based on this game.. it was like we saw 2 sides of the Riders!

the side that could beat any team and then the side that would fall flat, even against Winnipeg.

I'm not really sure what the heck they are doing at the beginning of the 3rd quarter that causes them to fail so intensely, but they need to resolve this problem immediately!

Durant looked better this game, he truly did! he does have a little ways to go still.

Nice suggestion. I could be wrong, and others too based on some of the replies, but I don't believe you are a Rider fan. You are a troll pretending to be. The thing is I don't mind reading your posts cuz I get a great laugh out of most of them. :rockin: It seems clear you like to get reactions to some questionable suggestions. But hey whatever floats your boat.

Well hey....welcome back.

How was prison food?

rotten.. I had too much R&W..

seriously wish guys didn't take shots at me when i'm down.

Ahh, it's the nature of the beast. Better that than ignoring you completely.