"Hogtown plan for NFL reeks of hogwash"

[url=http://www.canada.com/nationalpost/columnists/story.html?id=d60d8513-b44f-44f3-8f4f-03c112114ed4]http://www.canada.com/nationalpost/colu ... c112114ed4[/url]

"We talked about it. We threw darts at the wall for five minutes, no more. It's pie in the sky."

You know. I'd love to know the credentials of the people writing for our supposedly "national" newspapers.

Because this Mark Spector character comes across as another two bit hack.

I mean this guy writes that the NFl is already dominating the CAnadian public? What the hell is he talking about?

On the weekend the CFL doubled the best ratings the NFL got on TV. The NHL did 5 times the NFL on Saturday night.

These guys just do not know what they're talking about. Spector talks about a correlation between the NFL coming here and the CFL dying, but gives no valid reason why that would happen.

These guys damn an entire league, and glorify another one, but their facts are totally effed up.

LIke I say. Who hires these morons? And even more important, how do we get rid of them?

Good call by that writer. The NFL coming to Toronto is as likely as a man having a baby...

How do we get rid of them thats the question. I emailed the globe and mail yesterday to complain about their bias . Im not sure what else. Maybe they should start a petition at the games and on a website.

I think it’s a matter of them assuming it must be true so not bothering to research it.

The weird thing is, that’s been the case for a number of years. I recall Landsberg on TSN pointing out to the panel on Off the Record years ago that Grey Cup ratings surpassed Superbowl ratings. He said it like it came as a great shock to him. That panel included Kordell Stewart, so this had to be many years ago.

Its called, "Don't Buy the Paper". Personally, I don't like the Globe and Mail regardless of these articles. When I get the free ones I put them where they belong.....lining the Budgie Cage! :wink:

"Minor-leaguehockey doesn't make it in Toronto. Any scheme predicated on the idea that minor-league football would fare any better because people were forced to buy tickets is nothing short of ludicrous."
Good article but he did state the CFL is "minor league."

You bet it is no of those guys will want to put a billion dollars in limbo. Think about it if this franchise did occur it would only be three years before they would end up like the Blue Gays losing money. I want to see the money honey!

The NFL is a much better league to own a team in. If a team in Green Bay can survive and make money im sure a team anywhere could.

MLB will never be as big as the NFL simply because it's not nearly as healthy with a team spending 15 times as much as another.

I like the part about them putting their allowances together. Half the buildings at Mcmaster have Braleys name on them. Im pretty sure hes got a few bucks, and the guys in Calgary have a lot too they act like no one else in this countery has any money. The truth is no ones stupid enough to spend it on a NFL team in Toronto but them.

Don't count on it. No one is dumb enough to put up a billion dollars and let it sit on a football team. At least not in Canada. The Stamp ownership group would never partake in something as stupid as this.

Except that Green Bay is sold out ten years in advance, and it has been like that for twenty years.

Does anybody think that the Toronto Uncle Sams would be sold out every game for years on end? If they do let them know I have a bridge for sale they would be interested in.