Hogie being replaced by this guy!!!

As we may already know, Mike Hogan, play by play broadcaster for the Argos and one of the best voices for the CFL in Toronto media was fired from the Rogers owned Fan590 last week. He is being replaced by this loser.


This is the comment I find most revolting:

His show will be mainly sports talk, heavy on hockey. He’s a big-time hockey fan and used to do work for Leafs TV. He’s less a fan of the Blue Jays and Raptors unless they’re winning and even less so of the Canadian Football League.

“Toronto is an NFL town now,? he said.

This is just lovely. Rogers work all the way. Being a CFL fan in Toronto has just gotten a lot harder.

I really would've preferred if the Argos partnered with a
completely different radio station for their game broadcasts.

I don't even understand why FAN590 does the games anyway.
They have essentially no respect for the product...
and they seemingly go out of their way to ignore it during regular programming.

PS: Why does Toronto deserve an NFL franchise anyway?
At least the 1994-1995 Baltimore Stallions fans proved that they
deserved one by averaging over 33,000 fans for CFL games... in Baltimore !!


Yup, this should make Braley's rebuild project easier.

Of course, it slays me that this guy is only a fan of the Jays and Raptors when they are winning, and yet he is a die hard Leafs guy. I guess he gets enough losing in his life through hockey.

But, basically, what TO fans have to do is just tune out from the FAN 590. They are making these personnel moves because they feel it improves their business. If fans go somewhere else to listen, it shows the owners that their ideas of what people want are wrong, and the management will follow the dollars. If people tune in, well, then they get what they deserve.

BTW, radio personalities like this guy (and Howard Stern, and Anne Coulter, and anyone else who seeks controversy) THRIVE on negative feedback. It's their bread and butter. Conflict sells. So if you want to starve them out, let them blow their air and ignore them.

The article says he is the morning host, nowhere does it mention that he will be the play by play man for the Argo's.

Maybe I misunderstood Deerkeeper's point, but I read it as lamenting the general tone of FAN590 towards the CFL, not the FAN's CFL broadcast specifically.

No, Hogie will still be the Argo Play by Play guy but that's all. He has lost his late morning slot to this joker. This is a real loss. Hogan is a fan of all sports and when the various sport topics come up, teats them with all the respect they deserve. Even the ones that he admits he is not a big fan of - soccer being one - he does not slam or ridicule any of them. This Krystal seems to be more in your face and willing to slam every and anything he does not understand, including CFL. I suppose we should give him the benefit of the doubt and listen to what he has to say, but right now, it's not off to a promising start based on what he has had to say so far..

I wish argo fans in TO would take turns decking this guy, once a week at least.

calling TO an NFL town is all I need to know about him.

I for one am glad to see him leave our friendly city.

Would you like to fill us in on what he is like on the air. I'd kind of like an idea of what we are in for.

I'll let him introduce himself ....

[url=http://www.livestream.com/haligoniastudio/video?clipId=flv_3332227486062610341&utm_source=oldplayer&utm_medium=ui-play&utm_campaign=click-bait&utm_content=haligoniastudio]http://www.livestream.com/haligoniastud ... oniastudio[/url]

This guy sounds like a TOOL.. and the FAN has lost my interest.. but they lost it BEFORE this clown showed up.. Jeff Gumbey is by far the WORST morning show host in the ENTIRE world!!

He’s a smart guy who for whatever reason NEEDS to take shots at people, things, small animals, you name it. If you listen to the interview he takes a shot at the PR profession, Harper, Mayor Kelly, the people of Halifax in general, Quebec, insults his host suggesting they have 3 listeners. He’s right about a lot of what he says but it gets lost in the nastyness.

The guy is obviously a douchebag, getting greased big time by Phil Lind to trash the CFL, Rogers is jealous of TSN's success with the CFL and ratings. This type of a guy sounds like he fits in with the Rogers company mantra about how to sell sports in Toronto.

And about the CFL just having old fans, OMG, I bet this Krystal guy won't believe this but I actually saw, that's right, saw first hand with my own little eyes, a guy on the street who had to be around 80 and looking every bit of it, wearing a Buffalo Bills cap! And lots of old geezers wearing Blue Jays caps as well. :slight_smile:

Geez, I guess the NFL has some old geezers that are fans also. That's gotta hurt eh there Krystal Klear? It's going to bug the piss out of him to see the 100th Grey Cup sold out in Toronto pronto. But then I doubt the guy even knows much history about his own country and that the first Grey Cup championship was played in Toronto. Ah, one more reason for me not to turn on this radio station, mind you I basically just listen to Y108 here in Hamilton anyways.

people should call in fan 590 and tell they home much hockey sucks, the only thing worth listening to the fan 590 is the gameplan, but that was canceled

this is brutal. are there other sports stations in toronto?

why do canadian sports people ignore so many sports? what about toronto lacross? only hockey is lame.

To all of you who aren't pleased with this guy, have you actually said anything to the station and not just say it here? I find more and more these days people have no problems complaining to friends or whoever but won't bring it up to those who can actually do something about it.

i have my itunes set to get the inside the argos podcast so i never need to tune into that station again...

AM 640 talks sports in the afternoon, it does not focus too, too much on the Argos although they had a segment discussing Wednesday's game on Thursday evening. I agree with the poster who complained about the interim morning host, I am not a fan (no pun intended), and have been listening to John Oakley in the morning lately.

I wont be surprised when Bob McCown gets the walking papers for his pro-CFL attitude despite being easily the top rated show on the station. Rogers is scared of the league. They know the NFL doesnt work up here, and that Phil Lind will go to his grave buried with his Cleveland Browns season tickets. :stuck_out_tongue:

Rogers had a chance to buy the Argos and put on a Rogersmania 100th Grey Cup in Toronto. Why they didn't do that, I have no idea, I don't like Rogers much but I still would have blown my brains out on tickets for it and other stuff even if Rogers was running the show.

But they are into losing money on the Bills series, whatever turns their crank.