Hogan: The Rocket launch, 30 years later

Imagine if the Toronto Argonauts signed Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence, the presumed No. 1 overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft. It would send shockwaves throughout the pro sports world, especially in an era where stories with much less significance are amplified via social media.

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Reads "Rocket Launch" /ponders

This post reminds me of this song and also the bloated production that is the NFL Draft. "If I had a rocket launcher ..."

Could you imagine well we can ; kinda like Vince Feragamo .

Could you imagine paying all that money and finding he is not suited or motivated to play in the CFL .

When this happened, I was a freshman at Notre Dame in The Rocket's last season there.

I was there for every home game and when he returned a kickoff for touchdown against our fierce rival the University of Miami en route to our win.

When this news came out, we were baffled why Canada, and then I heard about the money and thought "Well, why not?"

Most fellow students did not get it, and back then to me I did not care why and dismissed it, but in retrospect I have figured out more on that front.

The rest is history and it worked out quite alright for The Rocket and the CFL and then he did end up in the NFL years later anyway.

And his brother Qadry also ended up playing the NFL a few years later as well.

I'll never forget, there I was a senior in high school on a Saturday in September 1989, watching the Notre Dame game at Michigan on an old black and white TV my parents gave my brother and me.

Known to most alumni of the University of Notre Dame as "The Rocket Game," he returned two kickoffs for touchdown.

The infamous Keith Jackson of ABC was on the call. His signature line as I heard live:

"92 yards. 89 yards. Give 'im the day off, Lou."

A few weeks after the game, Bo Schembechler the legendary coach of the University of Michigan, who was criticized by his alumni for daring to kick it to The Rocket again, said in an interview in jest:

"If I'd had my shotgun, I would have shot him myself."

No way any coach would be saying anything of the sort today let alone I can only imagine the over-the-top wokester reactions despite being said in clear jest. Ah, those were simpler times.

Back then, nobody at all was offended or outraged and just laughed it off for the joke it was and knowing ol' Bo as well, but those times are long gone now in our era of instant sound bytes devoid of any context by the media or critical thinking by the sheeple.


Absolutely correct. In this day and age the Bolsheviks would demand his resignation within 24 hours.

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