Hogan on the Fan

On this mornings Hogan show he was asked to pick Franchise players who he would pick to build around.His reply,for Canadian player it would be Fantuz(assuming he will be able to play again) and for import it would be Moreno.

I trust Obie more than Hogan. Obie's experience slightly outweighs Hogan's. Just my thought.

How about Ricky Ray or Cameron Wake...

I think Bishop of Sask solid pick.

if i could pick one player to build a franchise around it would definately be Ricky Ray

Bishop is like 32 I wouldn't build my team around a QB that age.

I just mentioned Bishop because Hog mentioned Moreno. :roll:

Tried to get Hogan to talk about this on football Friday but all the show could talk about was 'the return of the Don'.


No he didn't. I was listening.

He said he'd pick Cameron Wake as his import. He didn't even think twice about that one.

Sorry,must have been his cohost.


No need to be sorry.

I would build my team around Printers (import) and for my non-import...

Our 1st round pick next year.

I wish the Ticats were a paperless office....no Printers