Hogan interview with Bellefeuille on the FAN Monday morning

Here’s the interview with Hogy!

[url=http://www.fan590.com/media.jsp?content=20090810_122410_8316]http://www.fan590.com/media.jsp?content ... 22410_8316[/url]

Hey cool beans!

Bellefeulle gave props to Knowlton and Thompson just as I did in another thread! What a co-incidence

what is? the fact that your really Marcel? :wink:

Tell coach that the hosts names are easy when they are both named Mike.
He says thanks to Brian when introduced.
Brian is the shows producer.

I used to get pumped to listen to these types of interviews, but it was all pretty general and non-news for the most part.

Why show respect to Hogan ... he is the Argo's Play by Play man on radio and a complete pantload.

I was thinking, which is usually dangerous.....

I used to huddle by the radio any time there was a mention that the Cats head coach, or GM from any era was going to be interviewed.
I would wait for any little tidbit of information.
Some might remember Kush's comments on CHML as must listen to radio from way back.

Now with the Ticat forums being so active, open practice, and Drew doing such a great job with The Scratching Post all the live radio interviews are usually just old news, bringing the non-die-hard fans up to date with the basics.

Just an observation that in today's era of multiple resources available to you, the interview on the rival station is usually just a friendly PR visit.