Hogan!!! (in the voice of Colonel Klink)

What do you think of the game?

Sorry for the late reply. After hitting on Colonel Klink's secretary I had to help Lebeau put another radio receiver in the coffee pot.

Don't get me started on Sgt. Schultz, I have to see him again Friday.

As for the game, I like the Argos with Ricky Williams behind Jeff Johnson. I have a hunch defences will sell out on Williams opening up a lot on offence, such as the Allen bootleg...the ENTIRE defence bit on that play. The defence will be fine.

The Ti-Cats running game should be outstanding if the passing game can move the ball at all and a couple of receiver step it up. As much as I love Danny Mac, Maas is a big upgrade. I'd try to get the ball in Holmes' hands 25-30 times a game. Screens, downfield, returns...whatever.

Defence should be better, the secondary has to gel but it looks like the athleticism is pretty good.

Mariuz will have a LOT of fans by season's end.

Now, back under the Stalag.

Oh ya, the concession lines were too long and the beer I bought in the stands wasn't warm, it was HOT.

There, I feel better.