Hogan: Growing football in Indigenous communities

There was a spectacular video the CFL released a few years ago called “This Is Our League.” Toward the end it mentioned several players from different ethnic backgrounds who came together to create a great league, highlighting the league’s diversity.

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Dane Evans is part Indigenous

I've been reading a biography of Jim Thorpe lately and have been floored to learn about the Carlisle Indian School team Thorpe played on and their success agaisnt the likes of Harvard, Cornell, and UPenn.

I think it'd be great to have this story (both the residential school tragedy/injustice along with the success of the football team) taught to Indigenous youth.


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What is his indigenous background ?

Wichita tribe on his dad @CoachE side of the family. Great Article that talks about that O'Leary: Evans opens up on his Native American roots - CFL.ca

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Your welcome