Hogan: Former CFL QB J.C. Watts was born to lead

When your given name is Julius Caesar there are expectations.

“My dad’s initials were just J.C.,” he explained in a Zoom interview with Argonauts.ca. “That was not his given name and most people called him ‘Buddy.’ When I was born my sister was reading about Julius Caesar and he thought it was kind of a neat name, so he pegged me with the name.”

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I really fail to see the point of this long winded article. Slow news day perhaps

Amazing life story. Football to politics to cable news founder. And working across the aisle with John Lewis to establish an important milestone in American history.. Thanks for sharing.


So nice to read a good human interest story. Also enjoyed catching up with what has happened in J.C.'s life since his playing days.


Great article on JC Watts . Followed his story with interest . I think he could have went further in politics .

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Great story, always enjoyed watching J.C. Watts play and remember that Grey Cup game well. Looking so much like a huge upset in the making but wasn't to be. Nice to see all his success and how he has contributed in such a positive way to society.


Crikey. If someone named me Julius Caesar I would only go by my initials too!