Hogan: Dinwiddie gets his 1st choice w/ DC Corey Mace

When Chris Jones announced he was leaving the Toronto Argonauts to take over as the head coach/general manager in Edmonton, Argos head coach Ryan Dinwiddie had one name in mind as a replacement.

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Until the Argos address their most pressing problem - no adequate CFL quarterback (they finally had one in Arbuckle last year - but I have NO idea what went there) - they are doomed for mediocrity. Very average team - with questionable often moronic coaching (Dinwiddie not knowing opposing team's time-out situation in 1 crucial game) and reliance on the unwinnable MBT as starting QB guarantees at least I won't be going to ANY games in 2022 and this team will flounder again.

You're dead to me Mace. Loyal to the jersey, not the player or coach when the player bails. Welcome to pro-sports. Hope you crater like ClayBrooks. But have a lovely time there.

One of the good things about the CFL is that guys move around from team to team, both players and coaches. To wish a guy misfortune because he has left your team is both childish and immature. Good luck to you Corey and to all the other coaches who have switched teams for 2022.

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Now who gets to hold the defense decoy boards? Anyway, thanks for your time playing and coaching here in Calgary, and good luck in Toronto.