Hogan: Chris Jones, a true Boatman, rejoins Argos

It was evident that one of the most talked about coaches in recent CFL memory was back in business. As he patrolled the sideline during practice at Lamport Stadium, he had on a logoed black pullover instead of something in blue. His traditional sunglasses were on, and moments into his first day as a defensive consultant for the Toronto Argonauts, Chris Jones was already cursing out one of his players.

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Interesting that he coached the "Pirates" ! No doubt he was teaching those young lads how to be an ignorant, disrespectful, cheater with no conscience! He had lots of experience with those traits the last time he worked up here in the CFL! Hey his last GIG in Sask didn't accomplish much. The Riders & Craig Dickenson threw out all his destructive Team building tactics and now look at how they have risen up the standings. Poor Argos are about to slip down the eastern Standings if they listen to Jones.

Fined for leaving Stamps for Toronto, left Elks before his contract was up 7 left Riders as free agency was on the horizon. Had signed all the coaches so Riders had to go with what they had - no chance to interview other candidates. Worked out okay. When he expressed interest in the Elk job this year, that bridge had been burned. Would have been an extremely unpopular move in Edmonton. Would Stamps or Riders ever hire him again? Who knows? But not too many coaches want him looking over their shoulder. Good luck, Dinwiddie. Wonder if it was his idea.

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He's back because he left the best job he's ever
going to have in football to go to Cleveland and it blew up in his face. The only job he could get was coaching his old high school, if it wasn't for his buddies on the Argos he wouldn't be here because I doubt that anybody else will hire him given his track record of bailing out for greener pastures every chance he gets. He came crawling back, that's the real truth of it.


He took all the coaches with him from Edmonton not from Saskatchewan.

Calling Chris Jones 'a true boatman' is actually pretty funny, but it must burn someone like Pinball who really does sweat double-blue. A bit of an insult to those who've spent a lot more time & dedication with the Argos.


Maybe is personality will fit nicely in the Toronto scene?

Agreed. Jones is not a true anything.

He pissed off the Edmonton brass because he simply refused to do things the 'Eskimo way' that is above board and with class. That's why when Reynolds asked to talk to him about the Rider job Hervey said "go right ahead, take this tool off my hands". He butted heads with people above Hervey more than once. He was never an Esk.

He was never a Rider neither. The first thing he did on day one was fire Ivan Guttfriend, the team's trainer for 40 years. Why? No reason other than to piss on the furniture to say that it was his. Only a f!@#$%$ing A@#$%%^hole would do that.

He doesn't give a damn about any organization that he works for or what the stand for and never will. It's all about HIM. That why every other coach says "we like to run a lot" or "we like to blitz a lot" but Jones says "I blitz a lot".

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Not a Jones fan. Better league without him, Argos will get burned by him like every other team that employs him. :poop:

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Mike Hogan called Chris Jones "a true boatman" because when he was previously in Toronto, he literally lived on a boat during the season.

If Ed Hervey was indeed glad that Chris Jones left because Jones did not follow the "Eskimo way", then people should not use the move to the Riders against him. Jones just switched from where he was unwanted to where he was wanted. Edmonton did not even have to pay him for doing nothing.

What does doing things the "Eskimo way" mean anyway? Previous to Jones, Edmonton hired former Eskimo Kavis Reed who they had no problem firing. After Jones, they selected Jason Maas who they later ran out of town. Who was hired after Maas? It was Jones' buddy Scott Milanovich who had no ties to Edmonton.

Football is a business. Players are disposable, and so are coaches. As it is often said, there is no loyalty in sports.

Argos could have gone a different direction to replace their DC if they chose to. Instead, Toronto wanted Jones so badly that they had John Murphy and Stephen McAdoo talk to him about taking the position.

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Foolish move by Toronto. He will be gunning for Dinwiddies job in 2 years, Pinballs by year 3.
Can't imagine what Argos were possibly thinking.

To clarify, I didn't say he took the coaches from Saskatchewan. He had signed all the assistant coaches in Regina before going so the Rider brass had to go with what they had under contract because of the "Jones" rule put in place after he left Edmonton. He didn't actually take the coaches from Edmonton. They were under contract till January but Hervey relieved them of their contracts in December after Jones left. Some said they might have been interested in staying but Hervey cleared the deck for the new coach who was coming in. There was a big kerfuffle about that.

No doubt right on Dinwiddie. I think Pinball's safe & I think he might have pushed hiring Jones. Just my thoughts. Heard rumours Ottawa is thinking of making a coaching change. If so, what are they thinking? Look at their personnel. Who wants to take that on. I feel sorry for LaPolice. Got dealt a bad hand but why apply for the job & leave a good thing in Winnipeg?

Assistant coaching is always year-to-year, regardless of the term on your contract. There is no job security. There is always a way out of the deal for either side. Ask any coach they will tell you that.

So Jones only hired on as a "Defensive CONSULTANT" not the Defensive C0-0rdinator! The difference is ... A co-ordinator is responsible for any decisions made, any advise used by the team. Whereas A Consultant is not responsible for any advise or decisions the team uses. If Argos lose it's not put on Jones! He can just say , "Yes I stated to do it that way, but you didn't have to ! That was your choice to make". Consultants use this "Get of of Responsibility Clause" all the time when they screw up! But they still get paid their big bucks to Consult regardless of out come.


I've been a rider fan since 1963 and I was kind of leery when they hired
Jones and I was proved right. It was the Dressler-Chick fiasco that did it.
He announced the the signing of wr price form Ottawa and gave him a $25,000 signing bonus. Three days later, he releases Chick and Dressler.
Dressler because he didn't want to pay him a $45,000 lump sum he had coming to. Then about a
month later he announces that Price won't be coming because he has put in his retirement papers and we got bupkiss for the $25,000. What a fool!!
I can't wait to see how he fouls things up in Toronto.

He cut Chick because Chick was due a roster bonus in the neighborhood of 80k or so. Then he signed Lemon for 170k/year (about the same a Chick) and gave him a signing bonus of 85k. About the exact money of Chick's contract. Then Lemon had a fit and demanded a trade after 1 game.

This was not an error on Jones' part. He may be a tool but he's very smart. He cut Chick just to get the old names out and made excuses over money. It was a lie. He cut Chick simply because he was more popular with the fans media than Jones and was respected by the board. He wasn't going to risk butting heads and losing so he cut him in favor of an inferior player.

Chick is a Christian and a family man with 8 kids. He finally bought a house in Regina and moved his family. He didn't want to play anywhere else. He was willing to take a pay cut. He was at the top of his career and was a perfect pro in the locker room. Lemon was a loose cannon and a locker room cancer. Chick would have stayed for less money than Lemon signed for. Jones wasn't even interested in negotiating. Chick was cut for SPITE!

Dressler's own tweets told that the offer that Jones made him was beyond insulting. That's why he walked. Dressler had already taken a pay cut in 2015 - substantial one. He was willing to talk pay cut again. Jones wasn't. Jones deliberately low-balled no-balled Dressler to make him walk. He wasn't interested simply because Dressler was far more popular than Jones with the fans and media and was well respected by the board. He couldn't afford to butt heads with Dress or he'd lose so he kicked him aside. Again Dressler was a quality starter, certainly later in his career but still had a couple years left of quality playmaking. Plus he was a perfect locker room leader and didn't want to play anywhere else. Instead he was replaced with ... Duron Carter, a mental case me-first cancer. Jones kicked Dress to the curb for SPITE!

Now for Durant. Durant would have been axed before 2016 except that he and his agent Vertlieb struck first with a paycut of somewhere between 50-100k. The Riders started 1-10 under Jones but down the stretch won 4 straight, the first 3 of which were 4th quarter and OT comeback heroics by Durant. Durant was veteran brilliance in 2016 while surrounded by young and undermanned squad. Then in the last home game at old Taylor Field, Jones gives Durant the first quarter and then plays musical QBs with Bridge and Watford or whoever. The Riders go out with a whimper in a terribly boring game 24-6 to the Lions. Afterwards Jones explained that he wanted to see his other QBs in a meaningless game. Meaningless game?? At 1-10 ALL the remaining games were meaningless!! But he chose THAT very special game to take Durant out and basically throw that very special and sentimental game for SPITE!

Then after the season he lets Durant go and actually has the !@#$% balls to say ... "we didn't get the quarterbacking that we needed this year". Again, Durant was far more popular with the fans and media and was heavily respected by the board. Plus he was a perfect respected pro in the locker room. He was replaced with a rookie named Bridge. Bridge actually wasn't too bad but he was no HoF candidate. Jones couldn't risk having that so he ran him out of town. All for SPITE!

Well F!@#$% YOU! We didn't get the coaching that we needed that year. We didn't get the personnel decisions that we needed that year. Jones gutted the team ON PURPOSE and then blames the quarterback for the 5-13 record. What an A@#$%ole.

And I would have no problem saying ALL of this to his face.

Chris Jones looked pretty good out there last night!!
He did a great job in calling the "D" that shut down the Als
You have to love the guy.................. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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