Hoffman- Ellis gone

Bus ticket and a bag lunch out of town! :?

Is it possible they could get anything less for him??
They really must want him out!


The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced Monday that the football club has acquired a conditional eighth round pick in the 2018 CFL Draft from the Edmonton Eskimos in exchange for international linebacker Alex Hoffman-Ellis.

Hoffman-Ellis, 26, signed with the Tiger-Cats on February 9 but did not appear in a regular season game with the team. He posted 57 defensive tackles and three interceptions in 17 games (10 starts) with the B.C. Lions in 2015, his first full CFL season. The 6-0, 230-pound native of Los Angeles, California, played one game in 2014 for the Lions, his CFL debut on November 7 versus Calgary, collecting eight defensive tackles and one forced fumble.

Gotta say I'm surprised by this move. Most likely because I had high hopes for Hoffman-Ellis and was a real under-valued undiscovered gem/find of the offseason Free Agency moves. Now I know what it feels like to be wrong I guess!?!? (Happens to the best of us at least once eh!?!?)(Tongue in cheek - foot in mouth of course!)

I understand there are injury concerns regarding Sherritt in Edmonton, foot, and this makes sense for the Eskimos. Benevides would have some familiarity with him as their paths crossed in 2014 with the Lions.

While imports rarely get much in return in the way of a trade, I still am a little shocked that it was only a conditional 8th rounder coming back.

I'm sure Alex wasn't happy not starting, being a game day scratch then put on the 1 game IR in 2 short weeks. Now he gets a chance to play, TiCats shed some salary as I'm sure he signed here for around $90'ish, they also get another potential roster spot and they get at least something in return.

8) Gotta agree with you "FenderGuy69", considering he was one of our major free agent signings this past off season,
   and I'm sure at a large salary !!  I also had high expectations for him.

   I was shocked when the Cats went with Larry Dean at MLB for the first game, then again for last Fridays game.
   But Dean has looked very good (at least in the Argo game), and I figured some thing was going on with Hoffman-Ellis
    at that point.  I'm sure there is more to this story, for sure.  Obviously Ellis was not happy with his current role, and 
    undoubtedly made it known !!

You don’t pay someone (Hoffman-Ellis) starter money and then sit them on the bench (unless you really, really like them).


Well considering the dilemma we have right now in the D-Backfield with the release of Tisdale among other things It would have been nice if we could've gotten a warm body , something along the lines of hopefully some immediate help instead of an 8th rounder which equals out to anywhere between player 64 to 72 in the draft. It basically translates to we gave away Hoffman-Ellis for a bag of used balls and a Slurpee in other words Nothing :? I'm going to call this exactly for what it is and that is basically nothing more than a salary dump , plain and simple. Nothing more and nothing less.

Another semi strange move by Ham, eighth rounder. :roll: :?

But that makes cap room, they went out and got a guy through free agency but someone beat him out for the job.
This way they get an 8th round choice no salary to pay. They can shop around and look for some DBs.
It's not like there is urgency this week, Willy is not going to pick apart the secondary.

This! :thup: :thup: :thup:

If, as you proclaim, the only reason for this release is a salary dump, "nothing more and nothing less", then why would anybody expect to get "a warm body... some immediate help " in return?
The Ti-Cats are lucky they found somebody to take the salary (maybe six figures) off their hands and also include a draft pick of any kind.

By the way, the Ti-Cats just placed 8th rounder Matt Uren on the practice roster. You seem to think a Canadian player taken in the 8th round "translates to... a bag of used balls and a Slurpee in other words Nothing."

Perhaps you'd like to tell that to Matt Uren to his face.......... Yaa, I didn't think so!

Seymour standing up for a good Canadian kid, I like it! :thup:
Uren can turn out to be a decent player. He may have a tough time getting into this NAT. veteran rec. lineup

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 32m32 minutes ago
When #Ticats signed Hoffman-Ellis in Feb. they had Larry Dean on neg list but no way to know if he was coming. He showed up & won the job.

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 34m34 minutes ago
#Ticats Kent Austin on trading Hoffman-Ellis: "We have two guys that are ahead of him so it was just a move we needed to make."

So is the "other guy", ahead of Hoffman-Ellis, Plesius or Davis? :slight_smile:

Not sure why anyone thinks we need to make a trade to eliminate the salary. If we simply release a player at this point in the season his salary is not guaranteed and will not count against the cap.

I assume someone decided an 8th round pick is better than nothing, and that no better price (e.g. a 7th round pick, or a viable DB) was available at the moment. The market for trades in the CFL is notoriously "illiquid," as a stock trader would say.

I think KA was a bit embarrassed by Friday's result, and he told his assistants to clean off any experiments they had going, that there were a few jobs that needed to be filled, and salary cap, let alone National/International mix to be looked at....let alone get some hard chargers in the house in a hurry, as we have a relatively 'soft target' this week (ie Wpg) but need to get it together...there remains time and games to be played, but I blame coaching for this one....

Ain't that the truth. Was hoping to see Ellis atleast play a bit. Larry Dean of pain is the man though

It seems like Hoffman-Ellis was just insurance they didn't end up needing, and he obviously wasn't happy being a depth guy.

Here's an idea... if you want to start - earn it.

Ironically this isn't the first time that this has happened bringing in a FA to play MLB only to end up trading him before he actually plays a game. The near identical scenario played out in 2014 when the Cats signed a guy by the name of Abraham Kromah in FA from the Riders to replace Jamal Johnson in the middle after Austin decided that he wanted to go in another direction and didn't resign J.J. and he left for BC. Kromah in near identical fashion as Hoffman-Ellis was here for the first 2 games of the season but didn't dress for either game and was eventually traded to Winnipeg. It seems that another player named Taylor "Tank" Reed had beaten him out for the MLB position and Kromah was all of a sudden deemed expendable and traded away 2 games into that 2014 season. Sound familiar ? If memory serves me correct Kromah only ended up playing a handful of games that season for the Bombers was released and is currently out of football.

Larry is now Ham's Dean of line backing. :thup: :cowboy:

Ohh. I like that.

Sucks, my friend lived with Alex and I thought I was going to be in the free tickets all season long. Guy had 57 tackles for the Lions, you think he'd be worth something.