HoF for Clemons/Flutie Deserved?

Well boys and girls, time to stir up the double blue pot of hate. Do these two deserve this now? And what about local boy John Bonk, he started with the 'Cats way back when. Did the selectors miss the mark this year or what? :wink:

you been drinking too much spiked kiwi juice???

at first, I thought the title said HOT for Clemons and Flutie.

at least that would have been discussable :stuck_out_tongue:

Although it is a perfunctory gesture, these men earned their way to the HoF... not that I'd EVER consider spelling my monicker as 'gARGOyle' or anything (sorry bEEtlejuice, lol)!:wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

would this topic been even brought up if both flutie and pinball had played for any other team in the cfl besides the argos. gimmie a break

Fluite no He been out of league long Enough
Pinball could have waited a few more years.

He was coaching The Boatmen last season.
so Mike was never out of The CFL
He still is not out as the Argo CEO.
I do think He is hall of Worthy
Just not now.

Ron Lancaster coached the Cats two years ago and he was elected into the Hall of Fame 25 years ago.

Case closed.

did someone suggest someone spiked their kiwi juice?
well, i think we've got someone else spiking some liquid but it's barton street gasoline.
mr. onknight, you're at it again. i'm glad that you agree with doug going in but you're completely buckled on the barton street unleaded when you say
michael is not deserving...not now because he "just coached the argos last year" and is now the ceo.
newsflash tommy, you don't have to be removed from the cfl completely or else more than a handful would only be inducted after the last shovelful of dirt was on their grave.you only have to be inactive as a player for 5 years i believe.put your argo hate aside and give these more than deserving, classy men their due.

city legend

city legend has nothing to with Argo Hate ..
I've Always Believed the Hall is for those who are Retired From the Game Completely

Both Men are Hall of Fame Worthy
During The Hall Of Fame Game I will Cheer for all Inducted to the hall

Sorry I rattled the cage guys, I just was seein' what the reaction would be, jack down! It sounds like a little cabin fever goin' on up there. :lol: But isn't that what the CFL is about, the PASSION!

As for the "Kiwi Juice", it tastes great on the beach at my back door. But I do remember (with disdain) all the shovelling in my youth. I don't envy you, your a tough lot.

PS: Whats the word on John Bonk (Stoney Creek Boy), he was great, and helped us win a Grey Cup in '72!

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To be eligible for selection into the Hall of Fame, you have to be out of the category you are being inducted into for at least 5 years and no more than 25. PInball is being inducted as a player, he hasn’t played in over 5 years.

If, as you suggest, they had to be out of football completely, there really would be a great many people that would receive the honour posthumously.That would be unfortunate.


Mark Great Point Thank-You .

The question should more be ,How much are they going to hate have to coming to Hamilton to except it? :wink:

Flutie and Pringle are no brainers but if Pinball played/worked/lived in another media market would he be in this soon?
Deserving no doubt but was he a better ball carrier than, say, Kelvin Anderson?

I don't know about Flutie but Pinball has said many times that IWS was one his favorite places to play because of the passion of the fans. But, the HOF is a major accomplishment for CFLers so I think that none of the four inductees will mind coming to Hamilton or wherever for the ceremony.

An Argo-Cat fan

Michael Clemons deserves his place among the greats of the game. He not only played with such great passion, he more importantly has touched people and their communities throughout Canada and the world with his heart.

they dont go in by position, just as overall players.

No question Pinball is going in so soon based on reputation AND accomplishments.

Both are no brainers as Zontar said and it really isnt a discussion.

Congratulations to both.

Mistake in my earlier post - an inductee has to be retired from their position as a player for 3 years, not 5. The Wall of Honour is 5.

Mike Pringle retired after the 2004 season.


Pringle & Clemons Two players that I admired and BOTH would have looked good in Black & Gold. If you ask my wife she would agree I spent more time yelling at the TV .... for crying out load ....can anybody tackle these guys. Great spirit - Great heart........