Hockey Night Snub Shows Value Of CFL.

Those who long for their Canadian cities to be part of these American sports leagues should look at what Bettman did to Canadian hockey fans.

Instead of giving us Ottawa and Pittburgh on Saturday night, which would draw huge ratings in CAnada, we get the secondary game.

No. Its NBC that gets the favored treatment over what is good for Canadain hockey fans. They get the Ottawa game. To be shown at that traditional hockey time of 3 in the afternoon!

We will always be second class citizens when it comes to these American dominated sports. Those who write about the CFL expanding again to the USA should be careful what they wish for.

Because if it does become successful, we in Canada will become an afterthought. Just like we've become in the NHL.

The CFL is a great Canadian league. We should be supporting all our Canadian leagues. Instead of worshipping those down south.

Because anybody who enjoys being a small ignored part of these American leagues, and I now include the NHL, I just don't get?

CBC is carrying the Ottawa game this afternoon.....or so their lineup says.

After seeing the CBC these past few days with their second-rate broadcasters, a brutal on-screen playoffs presentation, and a feed that makes it sound like poor old dinosaurs are warbling the entire game, why should they get a "marquee" game on a Saturday night?

I think you're comparing apples to oranges....

The reason you got the "secondary" game is because CBC brass thought that the Sens-Pens game wouldnt get good ratings in Toronto. If the Leafs had gotten the final playoff spot, it is a certainty that all those games would be shown nationally on CBC , with the game 2 being shown on Saturday night. Only the Leafs get that preferrential treatment on CBC.

The reason that NBC got the game was that they wanted to showcase Sidney Crosby.

Thats see the last time I heard NBC was an american broadcaster. Would it not be the right thing to do is show USA teams playing on NBC. Why is it you are looking for negative media towards the CFL. Who cares what they write or show it is sports. You can change the dam channel. The media in Toronto is nothing to the rest of Canada. Do not get me wrong I feel for the Argo fan because they are kept in the dark as far as their media is concerned. Simply do not by the newspapers that create this atmosphere. Complaining about it on a forum does nothing. :lol:

It's been over 40 years on various TV in the States.
With the exception of a few pockets to include some minor local coverage, the Americans have seen it and ARE NOT interested in hockey.
Our game has been sold out to the American NHL run people years ago.
The stupid CBC should have played hardball and demanded the Canadian teams to be shown at their needed schedule.
And especially since the CBC overpaid with the current $60M per year TV contract.
Meanwhile, NBC is paying yes ZERO dollars
It is typically Canadian to let these Bettman types run the show.
I'd say the Canadian owners if they had any stones, would bail out in the NHL as we know it and start our own Canadian version. With Winnipeg, Quebec City, Halifax, Regina, Saskatoon, London and Kitchener-Waterloo.
We could quickly get 12 very strong franchises.
Meanwhile, most American franchises would be bankrupt and the remaining would come running back.
That's the NHL as I see it.

Tell me about it.
I was watching the Ottawa Pittsburg game on NBC this afternoon and every time Crosby hit the ice they had and indicator beside the score and time remaining!

NBC has had a rep this season of having a "shift" timer for certain players during their broadcasts. It's not like it's "all Sidney, all the time." During the TSN broadcast of the Rangers-Thrashers game (which they just lifted the broadcast feed right from NBC), they had a similar "shift" timer for Jagr.

.....and Hossa.

I dont see the complaint here. The Ottawa game was on CBC today, so whats the beef.

And what the heck does it have to do with the CFL??

My point is we should support our own all Canadian leagues more instead of trying to be a small part of these American leagues. Because in the end they always give us the shaft.

And you must not be a hockey fan if showing a playoff hockey game at 3 in the afternoon is no big deal? CBC wanted the game for its Canadian fans on Saturday night. But Bettman snubbed us for the Americans.

We don't matter in these all American leauges. Their TV networks want nothing to do with us. Which is why its important we have our own leagues like the CFL. Get it?

Berezan now you know what it is like to be in western Canada and having the Leafs shoved down our throat. This has nothing to do with the CFL.

If this has nothing to do with the CFL, then why in the blue hell is this thread in the main forum and not in off-topic?

He made a connection (albeit a weak one) in his initial post.

"Made a connection"? I thought that was a different thread and promotion from last season. Talk about digging up "threads past". :razz: :lol:

well, I am not sure if I get your points, but I sure do agree with your bottom line. :thup:

I didnt know that a hockey fan only wants to watch NHL at night? I know that as a football fan, I will watch it all day long, 7 days a week, somehow.

Its saturday. I dont know if I qualify as a hockey fan or not. I don't follow it much during the season, but I watch every second of every playoff game that I can, and cant wait till the next one. Doesnt matter time of day to me.

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My dream, one which will unfortunately never come true :cry:

I would finally respect the NHL again. I would finally love the NHL again. It would be to hockey as the CFL is to football. It would be a respectable league. It would NOT be a prostitute whoring itself out to the american john. Ah, to dream ...

Problem is, players would be paid on the order of CFL players (a fair bit more, sure, but even less than NBA, MLB, NFL players, etc). Just because you'd be taking out the American market. But fan support would likely go up, and you can forget about an American-only hockey league surviving!!! It's just too bad that sponsorship revenue would go down, simply because there are fewer people seeing it ... But compare that to the American teams, who would lose a MUCH bigger market.

Anyway ... this is pipe dreaming. But really, it's an interesting question - how much longer will the Canadian teams, plus American teams like Detroit, Minnesota, Colorado, the Rangers, and to a lesser extent Buffalo and maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe Dallas and LA, be willing to carry the teams from Nashville, Tampa, Carolina, Miami, Atlanta, Anaheim, Phoenix, New Jersey, St Louis, Chicago, Boston, etc? (Though I would like to see those last 3 get back on track.)

I can see Berezin's point about the CFL. He's just saying that if the CFL managed to successfully infiltrate the American market - ie, moreso than the NHL, which isn't that much - it may start bending to American demands, which is no good. And he's also saying that there's a lesson to be learned in how to treat Canadian sports fans ... even think of how Canadian media treats the American NFL, vs the Canadian CFL. Even when broadcasting to Canadians, it's like they want to impress the Americans. Well - the Americans JUST DON'T CARE. There's not an overly strong link ... but it's there.

As for Saturday, the NHL passed up a chance to have Canadian fans watching their product from 3:00 (eastern) to at least midnight. They could have had a Canadian triple-header ... an NHL fan's dream, really. Ottawa @ 3:00 ET, Calgary @ 7:00 ET (in Detroit), Vancouver @ 7:00 pacific.

You know what? If the NHL keeps whoring itself out to the Americans like this, and it keeps not working, and it contributes to the death of the league, thereby leading to a new league with the same Canadian teams (and maybe a few American teams), still playing for the Stanley Cup, then by all means - keep it up!!!

Thank you Canuckey! Somebody finally gets my point.

We should thank our lucky stars for the CFL. Or all we’d have is our few NHL teams, and a Toronto baseball and basketball team. In these American dominated leagues.

And all we’d be is second class citizens. In fact we’d be treated as a nuisance. As exhibited by Canadian hockey fans getting shafted Saturday night.

And about the NHL bending over for the American market? They’re playing a game in Dallas after a basketball game today.

The ice will be horrendous, making for what should be a mockery of a hockey game. But the NHL doesn’t seem to care, as long as NBC is happy.

Bettman is destoying the game in the hopes of the gold at the end of the rainbow. Its all about making Americans like the game. And if that means turning hockey into Arena Football on ice, then so be it. And Canadians would have no say.

Thankfully the CFL failed down there, or the same would have happened to it as well. Which is why we have to support our own leagues like the CFL. They’re all we got.

Does anyone really think that starting an all Canadian hockey league would put an end to the US dominance of professional hockey? Cause it won't. Not only would an all American league survive, because of their financial capabilities, they would outbid the Canadian teams for all of the top talent. You can't measure "success" for NHL teams the same way you do for CFL ones. The CFL is a gate driven league, while the NHL is far less dependent on ticket sales.

If the CFL were to expand to the US, the Canadian teams would be the richest, most established, most successful, and therefore wield the most power. Don't forget since day 1, the NHL has had more American teams than Canadian ones. This doesn't have to happen in the CFL.

Right on 2005! :thup: You'd think the NHL was a one team league.....Leafs! :roll: