Hockey Night in Canada Theme will kick off CFL games


League Commissioner Cohen announced that the Hockey Night in Canada theme song will kick off all CFL games this season. "Why re-invent the wheel," said Cohen, "it is the best music sports kick-off song!" a
Apparently, in order to create more excitement in the CFL, shoot-outs will determine the winners in overtime. Don Cherry has been signed on to do colour commentary for all Hamilton games and Chris Walby will do a 'Behind the Mask' segment wearing a mask to hide his ugly features! Also added this season will be hockey style penalties with teams playing a man short for two minutes for certain infractions. As well, the Bugs Bunny cartoon show will be shown prior to all CFL games just like it used to be prior to NHL games way back when!!!!! :cowboy:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Its okay Turkey, season starts this week.

Hey Turkey, remember what came an hour before Bugs Bunny? Curling with Don Chevrier. Curling, Bugs Bunny, and Hockey! :wink: :thup: :wink: :thup:

No it won't. That's not funny to everyone Turkey. There are naive readers out there man, and you are clearly jerking their chains. Way to go man! Your supporters will say, 'oh Kel simmer down it's just jokes', but I suggest they look into the laws regarding slander and misrepresentation. I draw the line at falsely quoting our leagues commissioner. I'll just say this in closing, blogs and forums like these come up when you search for anything via your browser. I'd hate to see someone who wasn't really looking to stumble across one of your 'stories' containing a bunch of BS.


Kel, maybe it's time you saw someone about adjusting your dosage levels....I'm starting to worry about you.

As a supporter, here you go. Kel simmer down. Its obvious you don't like Turkey, but it was obvious jokes, when he went into shootouts and such.
Some one needs to chill out.

I really hate to admit it, but I sorta had some of the same kind of thought, I will just say it...that kel guy...excuse me while I now wash my mouth out with soap....

so anyhow, I saw the heading, then I saw the poster, then I knew it would be BS, then I wondered about people who would not be familiar with the poster, then I saw him quote the commish and it just didnt seem right. Maybe over the line a little. maybe. Just a little. Sortof..

FYB, your machine messing up on the dosage as well? :lol:

And in other news, "kel" still hasn't removed the stick from his ass...

But I'll agree with him on one thing... that Chris Walby comment was uncalled for! That man should be banished from TV! :lol:

As I’m not a fan of HNIC, (yes, I AM Canadian, but…) some of those jokes went over my head. But I knew they were jokes before I even looked at who posted it. “That’s got to be turkey,” I thought; and sure enough.

I think anyone who reads that will be aware that it was a joke, whether they’re familiar with turkey’s work or not.

Besides, intentionally misquoting someone would not constitute slander (actually “libel” in this case) unless the offended party suffers some damage as a result.

Turkey may be on to something...CTV just bought the rights to the song.

I can't wait for the opening notes of Friday Night Football......da-da-da da-DAHHHHHHHHHH.....da-da-da-da da-DAHHHHH.

what if some kid believed him and pulled a kurt russel on elvis next time he saw coco hen

Good one Turkey!

or is that, One Good Turkey? :smiley:

One Good Turkey deserves another? :lol:

Not sure where I'm going with my post either...

LMFAO! I loved that especially the Cherry part.


to sportsman- I think it was the Don Messer Jubilee

to Kel: "A Little nonsense now and then
is relished by the wisest men!"

CFL Rules

Turkey, Kel was upset because your Fall semester of your Creative Writting School was booked up. You'll have to increase the class room size! :wink: :wink: