Hockey is back yay football

ok hooky is back and i should be happy about, and i am. but not like usual. anyways watching the lightening vs rangers and its tied at 1 at end of second period. rangers are outshooting the bolts 32 - 16! it’s battle of the russian walls and vaselevski has been ridiculous.

anyways hockey is back and all i can think about is


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I have no idea what Hockey is from July to Feb. Some kinda reoccurring memory loss.

It seems to have started around the same time as I stopped taking part in reg season pools. go figure

i’m actually pissed because now they’re showing some talking head from montreal about habs. now the leaves of course. i have on mute until i can find some other sport things to watch

oh there’s elliot fridge lol leafs leafs leaves

why is fridge dressed like that ? lol he looks like a 30s gangster machine gun fridge

hah well yes i have that too

omg nfl network is replaying the ravens commanders game yes. dammit it’s halftime tied at 10 in a game i know the outcome of. i love Lamar’s hair. i love the ravens unis. might be my new favs

hey zibanejad has 2 goals


go to bed ehhh :slight_smile:

i am in bed watching vegas with the fugly yellow unis vs kings with tin foil hats lol it just started

my god those chrome helmets are awful

this could be the most visually unpleasant game i have ever seen.

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cowboys and bills better win on sunday or i sad

watching streaming football highlights now. on NHL opening night. josh allen and lamar highlights.

hmm, if this was spring time, I would think you were insulting my fav nhl unis. As it is, I have no idea that you talking about :slight_smile:

actually scratch that. Never seen the yellow jerseys before. Yuck.

Definitely not a fan of the silver helmets.

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are there toronto maple leaves fans here?

the kings in the bench look like a box of hersheys kisses or something.
those helmets are ridiculous

jack eichel looks weird in that yellow vegas jersey. reminds me of the predators mustard thing

this is battle of the chrome goalie masks but one is gold

i keep imagining lamar running through all these hockey players and scoring a td on goal

Haven't paid attention to NHL in years so didn't see the unis of which you speak. But nothing could be as ugly as those hideous yellow travesties worn by the Canucks in the 80s. Or the California Golden Seals with their white or gold skates.

i am so jacked up for this weekend’s plethora of football i better not be let down lol.

i have local junior football playoff, lions vs bombers, then massive doubleheader nfl sunday. i may have to pvr something. oh the junior football is sunday afternoon so i have to pvr some nfl omgggg

also some hockey sprinkled in there.
all that and need to take a mini me shopping and maybe help with homework. hmm

nowadays sports is quite literally the only regular tv my brain can watch. i can watch some movies occasionally. any regular tv shows i know are mostly ones i remember are from the before time.