Hockey Canada settles Sexual Assault case against Canadian Junior Hockey players

Drake Batherson of the Senators was on the 2018 Canadian Junior team as we know and he is now speaking with investigators. Given that he is refusing to deny that he was in the room like many other team members, I think it is safe to assume that he was and we now know the identity of at least one player in the room who may have participated in the sexual assault. I won’t pre suppose any more than that but point out what I said very early in this thread, namely that when this sordid mess is finally over, it is likely several NHL players will receive lengthy suspensions. I could easily see one year.

(Batherson ‘co-operating’ with Hockey Canada investigations Senators’ Batherson says he is ‘co-operating’ with Hockey Canada investigations -


i could see longer than one year, plus fines and releases by teams.

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That certainly is very possible. There is an unidentified “ringleader” who pressured the victim not to go to the police. Whoever that person is may have played their last NHL game, although not all players involved may be playing in the NHL at present.

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i strongly believe this will be the case. or that they will retire / quit once suspended for an extended period of time. hellooooo KHL…

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Not sure many players will want to go to Russia right now.

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From what we know for certain, that person may have no choice but to join the prison hockey team. For sure that person knew what they were doing and knew what was wrong with what they were doing. The word premeditated springs to mind.


Hearings in this sordid mess resume tomorrow.

Another slush fund that was funded by player registration fees and largely used to pay off complainants has been discovered.

Canada’s Minister for Sport is renewing calls for a housecleaning at Hockey Canada, which calls have so far fallen on deaf ears. She characterizes Hockey Canada’s treatment of sexual assault complaints as being handled as an insurance problem rather than a systemic problem. Hard to disagree with that.

(St-Onge: Hockey Canada lacks transparency, needs new leadership Pascale St-Onge: Hockey Canada lacks transparency, needs new leadership -

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yup fire all the hockey canada directors and smith yesterday. 37% of amateur player fees in canada going to pay off victims and sweep scandals under the rug.

on a similar note, but different sport. a systemic abuse scandal has rocked US Womens soccer and the NWSL.


i really don’t see how any parents can register their kids in hockey with a clear conscience going forward. they wouldn’t get one cent from me and my kid would be playing rec/ house league.

someone should be preparing a class action lawsuit against those hockey canada D-bags.

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No doubt there will be more slush funds and misdirected funds found.
Had a situation where I used to work that was similar. The depth of their thieving was quickly found once they were removed from the executive - kicking and screaming - sort of like the Hockey Canada Executive is doing now....

i hate those hockey canada execs with a white hot passion. just a bunch of privileged white male garbage riding on the coat tails of team canada success, while sweeping their shit under the rug and protecting the “boys just being boys” as they would say.

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There really are no words that properly communicate my disgust.

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Part of what bothers me is - where is the oversight for these organizations?
Anyone who gets government money should be producing audited statements that are being reviewed to make sure there is no malfeasance going on.

Time and time again we have seen where nobody starts looking until things are really wrong but reality is it should never get to that point.

they’ve clearly been “auditing” themselves under the guise of oversight.

oh FFS

Skinner is not just tone deaf, but blind like the rest of the mice

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eff these idiots!

send them to russia. they’re a disgrace to our country.

oh yea let’s blame the media shall we?

Skinner told the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage that the Board “frankly does not share the view that senior leadership should be replaced on the basis of what we consider to be substantial misinformation and unduly cynical attacks.”

“What we’ve seen is a further defence of the existing leadership at Hockey Canada, an unwillingness to make meaningful change within Hockey Canada to do what’s necessary to shift the culture and make it a safe spot for all participants, regardless of level, regardless of place in the country,” Conservative MP John Nater told Sportsnet following the hearing.
“Canadians should be angry, they should be upset that this culture is being allowed to continue with Hockey Canada without seeing meaningful change,” he said.
Said NDP MP Peter Julian: “I think most Canadians would just feel that Hockey Canada continues to stonewall rather than offering the responses that Canadians expect.”

Andrea Skinner is not just a disgrace to canada, she’s a disgrace to women and her legacy in womens sports. obviously she is being paid a large sum just to be a talking figurehead.

“It's another outlet for me to give back to the game that's been so important to me throughout my life,” Skinner says. “Hockey Canada's mission is to lead, develop and promote positive hockey experiences. That's something I believe in wholeheartedly. [With] my past athletic and leadership experience, along with my work ethic and my decision-making abilities, I thought it would make me a strong voice on the board.”

i think i speak for most women is saying F-CK YOU SELLOUT B-TCH!

seems clear Skinner was hired simply as a token female figurehead and is paid just to stubbornly protect Smith and his d-bag directors. she has unnecessarily sold herself out and in doing so, has tarnished her legacy and any image she might have still had. sad.

she’s either really stupid or she thinks everyone else is really stupid:

Steve Dangle tells it:

Quebec provincial hockey federation cutting ties with Hockey Canada


You are so right!
Andrea Skinner came across as I know everything and how dare you politicians question what Hockey Canada does
What a piece of work(or other explitive)
After it was over, all political parties were in agreement that it was atrocious the way Hockey Canada totally embarassed itself again sending that as a representative
I don't think I have ever seen all of Canada's elected parties unanimously agree to anything!
What a total fustercluck by Hockey Canada


Andrea Skinner basically gaslit a whole country of hockey fans (not to mention fee-paying hockey parents) by blaming everyone else but themselves.

pretty sure Smith met her at a white male misogyny convention.

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corporate partners and sponsors are now starting to PERMANENTLY end their support for hockey canada. seems HC is scrambling and making calls to them in a futile and sad attempt to somehow retain them. hopefully this will kick their arses more towards burning it to the ground.


also, i really cannot imagine current and former womens national team members (including ex-teammates) think much of Andrea Skinner now. my guess is she’s likely been cancelled by the whole lot of them and rightfully so.