Hockey Canada settles Sexual Assault case against Canadian Junior Hockey players

Already sent to two of the mentioned players fathers who I grew up with and socialize with to this day. They can do what they want with it.

So it's a fact that Schenn, Kuemper and Eberle played for the 2018 World Juniors???????? That is what you clearly stated, and in doing so implied that they would be possible defendants in this thing.

The CFL never had to pay out sexual assault settlements. That 14 million that HC got from the Feds went to pay victims' trauma

Wow . Interesting , interesting indeed .

I mixed some names from 2010 and 2018, members due to ongoing memory and functional issues from multiple traumas.Both teams are being investigated.

But if you look it was a list of team members and you want to twist it into an attack on someone, which it never was.......

Which of the things disturbs you most -

  1. The fact those people may have committed an assault?

  2. The fact other team mates likely knew about what happened and did nothing?

  3. The fact they may have destroyed someone else's life and doomed them to live with an anxiety disorder, panic attacks, executive dysfunction problems like ADHD, memory issues, autonomic dysfunction, dissociative identity disorder, self regulation issues, suicidal ideation, relationship issues, depression, sleep problems, nightmares, flashback events where the victim relives their trauma usually vividly over and over, lack of intimacy because it causes flashbacks, a long long list of other associated mental disorders, chronic illness, physical pain (recalled pain that has no cause but your brain can recreate that pain when stressed or during flashbacks), eating problems, psychosis, homelessness, shortened life span and far more physical problems?


It didn’t take long for Hockey Canada to replace their recently resigned Chair. No surprise either that it is a woman.

(Hockey Canada appoints Skinner as interim chair Hockey Canada appoints Andrea Skinner as interim chair -


If what is claimed to be true is in fact true, then I hope those players rot in jail and the victims get all the help and support they need.

So far we just have allegations of the 2 incidents, do we not?

There has already been players that were not even at the event having to jump out and clear their names. Throwing out names, prior to any actual evidence or formal charges is just irresponsible.

Has there been any release on why there were settlements previously. Intimidation, money, lack of evidence or conflicting information?

As for Hockey Canada, clearly there has to be a house cleaning. But they should take their time in replacing people as the new leadership has to be clearly vetted.

I think the allegations are true. There is significant videotape of the 2003 incident and from what I understand some phone footage of the 2018 incident, together with photographs and incriminating texts. Enough to prove wrongdoing on a civil standard for sure. Don’t know about a criminal standard yet for sure, but the police investigated the 2018 incident and declined to lay charges so that is probably unlikely.

The 2003 incident was worse as outlined by links above, but none of the players involved remain in the NHL 20 years later.

The 2018 incident should ultimately result in significant suspensions for current NHL players plus the life altering designation of sexual offender. It could possibly end a career or two.

We don’t know who was involved and I haven’t read any speculation in that regard nor should there be. We know who were on the team rosters. We also know of several players on the 2018 roster who have publicly denied being involved, including Cale Makar. We’ll have to wait a bit longer for it to be sorted. Hopefully that will be done before the start of the NHL season.

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