Hockey Canada settles Sexual Assault case against Canadian Junior Hockey players

Well, we can hope, and I figure by now Bettman's inside people or hired help have investigated discreetly to feed him advance intel, that the NHL's lawyers and public relations people are already at it given the inevitable negative blowback upon greater, and later complete, disclosure.

I don't think it's a question of if but when now though certainly and to your point, once again why did this take so long to get here after wrongly being allowed?

And so the NHL like any given large organization has to assess how to mitigate and facilitate the suspension or expulsion, with the latter I would figure quite likely given the nature of the matter and all these details, and handle all the public matters from after the fact.

But much like another even bigger league we talk about a whole lot in other threads :unamused: plus I would add UEFA and FIFA too, nope you can't go out and profess yourself as an advocate with ANY real credibility until you clean up what is lurking and dirty in your own house.

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so did Scott Smith and Tom Renney commit perjury under oath at the Heritage Committee hearings when they claimed that neither they nor hockey canada knew any of the players names that were involved? :thinking:

player #1 was tipped off by someone at hockey canada who also needs to be held accountable in this.


Oh I figure no doubt for sure the NHL and Hockey Canada of course are busy with attorneys figuring out how to mitigate the web involved. This does not mean and is not intended to imply that guys are not held accountable including if committing a crime including obstruction of justice, it just means they are figuring out perhaps the possibilities including various plea bargains.

I also have to wonder who will "turn rat" in exchange for less punishment so to speak.

What we see in "Better Call Saul," though total fiction, indeed has a lot of real elements to it and reality is even more sordid than fiction as a related adage goes.

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hmmm good point. i bet a player or two would roll over pretty easily when he knew his reputation, career and how long he spends in jail were on the line.


Yup. Kind of depends what the NHL does to them in some ways. But a plea bargain to throw "player 1" under the bus is entirely possible BUT it won't likely save them from charges either. If the case against them is strong enough they may not have a chance.

The second thing that will do him in is his definition of consent was wrong. As was his assuming consent for him was consent for everyone. Consent can be withdrawn, and it doesn't have to be verbalized either. As well as that consent from someone drunk or drugged isn't consent.....

I suspect that like Quenneville the NHL/NHLPA will end their days in the NHL. I would imagine they have to register contracts similar to the CFL.

I'm sure that by the time they get done in court(s) and with all the lawsuits and/or contract violations and prison will be a welcome option to learn a new trade so they can earn a living, because they will need to.

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(New Hockey Canada chair discusses transparency, board’s work in the coming months New Hockey Canada chair discusses transparency, board’s work in the coming months -

Above is an article setting out portions of an interview with new Hockey Canada chair Hugh Fraser. Fraser has a stellar background and is well respected. My take:

  1. Fraser talks about accountability and transparency. These are cornerstones of any kind of good governance. Let us hope he backs up his fine words with actions in this regard.

  2. Fraser says he hasn’t reviewed the independent report commissioned by Hockey Canada. That report dealt with the allegations of sexual assault against junior players. He also says he doesn’t know if it is true that outgoing CEO Scott Smith, who if I recall directly ultimately resigned, was paid twice his annual salary by way of severance. Fraser claims he is briefed multiple times every day and is reading, reading and doing more reading, but hasn’t gotten to these items yet. I call bullshit on that one. These issues should be among the first he familiarizes himself with. The score is 1-1.

  3. The husband of Cassie Campbell, a new board member, was a HC executive from 1996-2014. As such, as there may be a review going back to at least some of the time he was there, Fraser was asked if Cassie might be or appear to be in a conflict of interest. He brushes that question off, more or less assuming that she was properly vetted. In my opinion this is not a good look and HC could easily have waited one year to place Campbell on the permanent board rather than giving her a one year term on the interim board. I have no idea whether Brad Pascal has any responsibility for any past wrongdoing, but it would have been more prudent at the very least to bypass Cassie until that was known. A wrong move in my view, even though I like Cassie. My score is 1-1-1 and heading to a shootout.



I would give him a break on this. There has to be a ton of operational stuff that has suffered and sat on a back burner during all this mess that needs attention.

I would doubt he could do anything about it even if Smith was paid extra severance, it may have been in some employment agreement that couldn't be changed.

That may be and that certainly has nothing to do with him. I’m just not buying his line that he has no idea.

Her husband is Brad Pascal

That’s what he thinks.

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Comments from IIHF president Luc Tardif.

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An update from Bettman on the status of the NHL investigation. Not much of an update. Maybe none of the competing investigations wants to go first.

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I just have to wonder at the "depth" of the investigation by the NHL. Unless there's some clause in the standard contract you can only get what you get from court documents and voluntary interviews.
The only thing I can guess that fed their investigation, its guys who want to save their backside by throwing others under the bus.....

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You are likely right and I also am skeptical of what the NHL investigation will “find”. If they don’t find fault with the participating players the investigation will be meaningless. There is likely more than one player that should be facing a one year suspension minimum, if not more. We’ll see.


Well there is no honour amongst ...

And I figure there is more of that ratting out coming from those involved in either the acts or the cover-up, and also I wonder whatever evidence or information the attorney for the victim is holding back for now including to check the NHL should their investigation include some heavily questionable or untrue findings.

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more like a lifetime ban as far as i’m concerned. i hope every one of the players involved has their careers ruined and get their arses sued off.

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I’m not sure about a lawsuit as there reportedly has already been a settlement of some $3 million with no doubt full releases so I think that part is done.

As to a lifetime ban I doubt that would stand up to legal scrutiny and the player’s association. Careers could easily be ruined though. It’s also possible that the victim could speak out if the punishment isn’t sufficient. We’ll see.


Not to mention substantial jail time.

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Most often when a cash settlement has been reached the person(s) getting paid are under condition of the payment have also agree to remain silent and to either drop charges and/or remain silent in criminal proceedings. Most likely this is why there is silence. The NHL is waiting out the public outrage.

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