Hockey & Canada - & Football

Had to give this a separate post, not expecting anyone to reply here but I thought I'd point out what a lot of CFL fans know. Below is a quote from a hockey fan on another forum who has stated, without knowing it, why the CFL is so important in this country even though it is football, not hockey:

I think many people confuse and identify the NHL with Canada. But fewer and fewer Canadians are playing in the NHL every year.

intreresting, but the Canadians are still the marjority in the NHL, and hopfully that will not chage anytime soon.

it seems to me, and I'm soory that if I tick anybody off by saying this but it's something I've obsevered, that most white people in Canada play hockey and end up in the NHL while most black people play football and end up in the CFL (and a majority of the import players seems to be black). It's no a rule of anything, but that's the way it seems to be IMO.

Years ago, in the 1960's and early 1970's, there were no Americans in the NHL, or any other nationality for that matter. The NHL was entirely Canadian and should have been at that time. Since then, the caliber of players from the US and European countries improved significantly, to the point there are many other nationalities now in the NHL, and the league is better for it.
Canadian people may not want to hear it, but the rest of the world has caught up to their skill level and in some cases has passed them by in the game of hockey on the Olympic and professional level. Does that mean the Canadians won't come back and win the Olympic gold medal in 2010 in Vancouver. Of course not, the Canadians have an excellent chance to win that gold medal, but so do several other teams. We'll just have to wait and see who's on the team and how they play together. Now is not the time to bash the Canadian Olympic hockey team, because my country's hockey team only won one game, lost four, and tied one. The only difference is the Americans didn't get shut out, but they weren't an offensive powerhouse either. We are the last people who can poke fun because we didn't do very well either.

I adopt Canadian players. The Sharks are divided into two groups: The 16 Canadians, and the 7 others - 2 Germans, 2 Americans, 1 Czech, 1 Finn, and 1 of whatever Evgeni Nabokov decides to be (he's a Kazakh on the Russian Olympic Team).

he's a soviet then.

and what US said is true for a sports, Aussie Ball, Swimming, Basketball, etc.