Hockey at Ivor Wynne

It is reported that the Maple Leafs would like to hold an outdoor game, however the NHL is not interested in having it a BMO Field, too small and not enough history. The Rogers Centre was not made to have the roof open in the winter and the machinery could freeze leaving the roof stuck.

If the Leafs would like to give back to Hamilton, why not have the game at Ivor Wynne. The stadium has loads of history, it evan has had an outdoor hockey game before.Temporary seating to bring the attendance to 40K, the same as Fenway.

To get the whole region involved they could play Buffalo or the Bulldogs parent club, Montreal.

Just wishfull thinking.

Great idea

Wishful thinking indeed.

Bulldogs/Marlies Habs/Leafs doubleheader. Tickets go out in priority sequence one seat per STH seat. Leafs STH, Habs STH Dogs STH Marlies STH public draw.

Certainly an idea worth considering but I doubt the NHL will want to play a nationally televised game at IWS, a stadium which our Caretaker won't bring a Grey Cup to and has said so publicly so I don't think the NHL would want to play at the stadium either for such a big televised event.

Im sure the commish would love this idea.

No thanks .. after what The NHL and Leaf did This Summer

Why Reward them for keep Hamilton out of the NHL

:thup: :thup:

Go away,hockey......Just go away.....

Well, dollar bills always trumps little hurt feelings. The Sabres and the Leafs at Ivor Wynn? Why not.
Brian Burke has been making noises about an outdoor game. So where else could they play it?

Ivor Wynne is for real stuff, like football and soccer and drum-and-bugle bands. Let’s leave ice hockey out of there!

As long as the leafs play the Coyotes!

My 2 cents...

I sat through the last outdoor game at Ivor Wynne a few years ago. It was a total waste of time :thdn: ...poor ice...too far to see anything (we had good seats too) :roll:

Woody is right I was at that game too. It was the lockout year and it rained. From what I could see of the outdoor games baseball stadiums work better than football fields.

If the weather was good for that game and it was packed, everyone would be saying it was great. A game at a football or baseball stadium is an event, you aren't going to see that well from anywhere. It doesn't do much for me but if it is something that would work for Hamilton in this case, I say why not.

The 2005 charity game "Our Game to Give" at Ivor Wynne was in early April so it's not a reach to expect that it might rain.
Still, 20,000 hockey fans showed up.

I think it would be a great thing if a regularly scheduled NHL game was played in January or February. I'd say that they could easily sell 40,000 tickets or more. (regular seating as well as temporary banks of bleachers on the field surrounding the rink)

And if a game like this goes off well at IWS then everyone will be saying keep the old girl and don't build a new stadium. :wink:

I think all the "outdoor classics" games have been a huge waste of a game ... when watching they almost have a lackluster approach to the game almost like watching a shinney game ..or the allstar waste of time. Add to the fact that its the leafs so you know its gonna cost a few bucks just to get a ticket.

So an over-priced ticket for a half hearted effort of a game ..and it's the Leafs so you get an over priced ticket with a half hearted effort to watch a team that couldnt win an OHL game .. ya NO THANKS

And with the way the NHL has snubbed Hamilton over and over again if the place gets packed then will add to the argument that the leafs will lose fans with a team in Hamilton ..leading to not only the dead horses being beaten with the "we deserve a team we held a game we can do it" talks but also more teams threatening to move to Hamilton just to get a better deal or to boost their fan base up.

Outdoor games suck anyways they should stop that

Really he wouldn't bring a cup to IWS ????
is he embarrased by it? wonder what the reasoning is behind that.

I'm with you there Ryck. If I'm going to go to a hockey game, I'll take it an arena where I can see the game. I know I've said I'm more into going to hockey games where it's an event and yes, an outdoor game in a packed IWS would be an event but as you say, with the price of tickets surely to be high, I don't think I would go to a game at IWS myself.

Actually Scott Mitchell which more less mean Bob Young as well. In the Spec Nov 26/07:

And furthermore: It's not news that the CFL has asked the Ticats to consider hosting the 2010 Grey Cup. But Mitchell says that with Ivor Wynne's limited capacity and cramped concession capabilities, "it's not feasible financially. It won't work unless we can find a solution to the stadium." The Cats might want to trade off for a later spot in the rotation, if that's allowable ...