a lot of talk about how a rook like matthews wont be able to win us the cup. i did read a lot about chuck ealey in 72 however,,,,

in 1985 in his rookie season kenny hobart led us all the way to the big game which we nearly won vs bc...he won rookie of the year,,following season mike kerrigan in his 1st season,,not only quaterbacked and won the cup but also won game mvp.

i understand they played basically the full season as starters but lets hope by the time we reach playoffs jeff is at another level. i figure our defence is good enough,that if we score 21 pts a game and not throw pick 6's we can still beat anyone and that includes calgary.

I was just thinking of Mike Kerrigan his size and playing style reminded me lots of Jeff Mathews and you are absolutely right on all three QB's who either got us to the Grey Cup and or won it with the Ti-Cats in their rookie seasons.

You just never know in the CFL.


im not worried about jeff too much tonight ,,,there will be some bumps,,,zac had the same,,,,just hope matthews stays healthy or we in trouble..only reason i wanted glenn in case ,,,harris very raw and im not big on masoli at all

Not seeing it.
Only Mike Kerrigan's size reminds me of Mathews.
The style may be somewhat similar, but Kerrigan had a quicker release.
Also, Kerrigan was great on a pump fake; have yet to see it out of Jeff, though...
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I think the league itself is better now so it's harder for rookie QBs to do well immediately. Defensive players are better, defences are better coached and more sophisticated. Many start with a flash but once opposition defences get film on them, their play tends to flatten out. Eg. Trevor Harris, Rakim Cato.

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