Week in and week out the CFL TV juggernot continues. The two highest rated games were 595,000 and being a late start at 10pm still, Sask vs BC; then humber 2 the announcerless Montreal vs Calgary @ 439,000. Even at
number 5, Edmonton vs Hamilton @339,000.
When will TSN start negotiations on a new TV deal despite being in year 3 of 5. With at least $20M per year?

Awesome.......and thanks!!!!!!!

thanks for the update.....i really like it when u update me on the ratings...i find it very interesting.

any knowledge of the NFL ratings in canada over the weekend?...i like to compare the 2.

it is funny because they usually only announce the NFL ratings for ONTRAIO , because they are so low every where else in CANADA.

Actually the two are quite comparible ... Most NFL games on TSN (ESPN's rebroadcast) recieves similar numbers ... Typically 400,000 depending on the game ...


Yes I did forget to mention the No Fun League, somehow making the top 5 and no doubt the Mexico curiosity factor. No doubt the people from the Center of the Universe wanting to see their weisel, butt kissing with the commish. No. 3 Cards vs 49ers @ 373,000, well below the clear cut winners.

thanks.....CFL RULES once more


WAIT! Are you suggesting that the CFL is more popular in Canada than the NFL?! Oh my … this really is ground breaking …

“Well below the clear cut winners?” … Is there a competition between the NFL and the CFL for the Canadian TV viewership market?

Your post (and many others) reak of a very commonly seen Canadian inferiority complex … Who cares who gets more viewers in Canada? Only the CFL fans care wether there own national football league draws more viewers than another country’s national football league … Isn’t that just a given; that more Canadians watch their own football league vs. another? Christ … the fact that the numbers are so close, should be considered an embarassment for the country and the league …


the point being made, is the CFL draws better television numbers, yet, the media continues to cover it as if it were the other way around.

To the contrary, I could not care less about the No Fun League. Nor do I require their admiration. I know and the numbers bear out every week how the CFL is the best. We live in a competative society, with "winners and loosers" on a daily basis. All this points out on a weekly basis how the TV numbers and the vast majority of Canadians prefer merely the best sports league around. Thats what a rating system is all about, from education etc. It is based on this rating system that TV contracts and advertising dollars are established.



Only because his cheese heads are not doing very well in a very poor division!

thank god, I hate the packers. :smiley:

SHOW ME THAT..............? That is not what I have read in the past.

Don't forget RDS usually gets over 300000 for the CFL I believe, I would like to know there ratings on the weekend. And they also carry the NFL.


Unfortunately I don't keep a maticulous record of NFL viewership on TSN ... But this article from TSN would suggest its ballpark ... 400,000 ... Which would match what I have seen previously ...

As for the weiners that seem to care that I had an extra 15 minutes while I wait for a compile job to finish ... grow up.


umm...this is an article from 2002 :roll: ....AND it was the season opener....ratings are always higher than normal for a season opener.

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/OtherSports/2005/09/16/1219863-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/OtherSports/2 ... 3-sun.html[/url]

Thats another article (from this year) citing over 400,000 again ... They claim 170,000 average viewers for freakin' poker ... Which makes 400,000 not that unimaginable for the NFL ... Again ... its a first week rating - but I did say ballpark ...

All and all .. the NFL does pretty well for viewership in Canada ... Some CFL fans just can't swallow it (I have no idea why... its pathetic). It would be interesting to see viewership numbers for TSN's friday night football vs. ABC's Monday Night Football (in canada) ... I would assume those to be pretty close as well ...


Glad to see the CFL doing so well. All I get here is the no fn league, All the US army guys watching football and getting drunk in town, Makes me hate the NFL even more. 2 more years then i's all the cfl I Can WATCH



That is not the case, the No Fun League TV numbers are nowhere close to the CFL viewers, especially this year since they have increased yet again. Also and as AlsMolson correctly stated, the RDS numbers are not even factored into what comes out weekly acoss the nation. In conclusion, it is more like NFL lovers and their appropriate propaganda of "because its American and the NFL it must be better", that cant accept that the vast majority of Canadians and which is borne out in the TV numbers weekly, could not care less about their league and the boring 4 down snooze football.