Ho Hum, Another Record TV Audience with overall 11.2M Total

Wow, the sky is the limit.
East game combined TSN/RDS at 1.7M.
West game combined TSN/RDS at 2.54M.

When will TSN wake up and open up the contract now and re-sign at a minimum $25M per year with increases of $5M per year for 5 years.
As for the Grey Cup, the match up could not be better and I predict average 7.5M with a peak at 10.5M.


The numbers just do not compute. Here is what the story says:

TORONTO -- The second week of the CFL playoffs delivered another record audience for TSN.

[i]Sunday's West Division final between Saskatchewan and Calgary averaged 2.54 million English and French viewers, making it the most-watched CFL playoff game ever recorded, not including the Grey Cup.

The previous high was 2.2 million during last year's West Division final between Saskatchewan and Calgary.

Earlier in the day, an average audience of 1.7 million English and French viewers watched the East Division final between Toronto and Montreal.

The Alouetts and Roughriders each posted wins to advance to Sunday's Grey Cup.

TSN averaged more than 11.2 million viewers for its playoff coverage the last two weeks.

Last week's division semifinals also broke ratings records.[/i]

Can someone explain how 2.54 million for one game translates to an average of 11.2M viewers over four games?

The 2.54 and 1.7 are average game long audience.
But, there are peaks and those are tabulated for the combined 11.2 million total over the 4 games.

With those kinda numbers TSN can now sell commercial time for a lot more. I think a number of other networks may want to get in on the action. Of course TSN should get credit for all the work they did to showcase each game of the season, etc. :cowboy:

I say, more commercials too.. way less repeating.

oh and quality Commercials too, not cheap, sad looking commercials either.

Peak and valleys are great, but only the average tells the true tale of the tape. But good to hear, that's for sure.


Not so. Total sets of eyeballs is what counts, and that includes the peak number of viewers. The average is great for illustrating an over-all trend, but the total number of viewers is money.

Wow very impressive.
I'm sure this years Grey Cup game with outdo last years. Something like 6.0 million average and 14 million peek I think..

I realize now our top dog is a poodle.

We should all be looking to getting him replaced.

And Hellard is my top choice.

I'm sure it's not just TSN noticing these numbers. However, the current deal goes to 2012, with an option for 2013, so It's still early for negotiations.

He wore brown shoes with a blue suit. :thdn:

To bad CTV/TSN changed their minds on showing the GC on the CTV network as well. Boooooooooo

Huh? When did that happen? That's brutal if true.

Couple weeks ago when CTV found out that their regular sunday night US shows were not going to be repeats.

What kind of business opens up a contract when they have an exclusive arrangement and 2 years to go on the current deal? Try to explain that to your shareholders. I don’t think the CFL is a charity that should expect donations from TSN.

A smart business tries to open up a current contract with its cornerstone franchise in an effort to avoid losing same to free agency or getting into a bidding war with other competitors which will surely and substantially increase the next contract.
If I was the president of TSN, next week after the GC I would be calling the commish and getting him into a room and resigning the league to a new long term five year contract.
Granted it would be a give and take proposition, for the league they would immediately get an increase or blended amount over the current remaining two years and then increases over the three new years.
A "hometown discount" would be what the league would give in return.

Look at this folks, perfect timing to my suggestion.
Here are the links to two articles from Friday's Globe and Mail.

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/football/cfl-targets-generation-next/article1814225/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/f ... le1814225/[/url] [url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/stephen-brunt/commissioner-cohon-and-cfl-can-breath-easy/article1814256/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/s ... le1814256/[/url] [url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/football/cfl-tv-ratings-go-through-the-roof/article1814305/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/f ... le1814305/[/url]

Yes very good articles, surprisingly so from The Globe & Mail and Stephen Brunt.
Hey did you catch the numbers, CFL football at 800,000 is smoking the NHL at 714,000.
And who said hockey is Canada's game? Not me.

I just need to know what this pvr resistant thing is the article was talking about. That doesn't sound good at all

It's an industry term for stuff that people WANT to watch when it's live broadcast. Stuff like drama and comedy doesn't fall into that category. It doesn't matter if I watch it now, or watch it later tonight, or tomorrow.

Sports on the other hand don't work that way. Sports fans want results all the time, and few people watch a game from yesterday if they already know the outcome. Something like the Grey Cup in particular is an event show, people want to watch live and thus can't fast forward all the commercials.

That's great content for TV networks.