Ho Hum Another Fine

As a shareholder of this club I am getting pretty pis sed with these never ending fines. Jones is tarnishing this
team like no other in history. This money has got to start coming from Jones pocket and not mine as a shareholder. Anyone want to get on board and contact Tony Merchant regarding this? :smiley: Since Jones can't effectively figure out how to use play action, maybe a class action will get his attention.

Really, Can we get another coach who respects the rules, not one who's dragging the rider name through the mud again.

Why it that that the Riders were only allowed 35 players in mini camp and the Argos had 62 ?

Jones has lead this team down hill and has caused how much in fines, he has done everything that is not Saskatchewan. When will they get rid of this a-hole!! How he has released or pissed off players.. just not the Rider nation way!! :x


These fines had better come out if his pocket!!!

Oh yeah $ 116,000. I doubt it

Well as some say "if you ain't cheating,you ain't trying" the problem is that Jones cheats and gets caught every friggen time and what have the benefits of this been? The Riders are the laughing stock of the league and the team is a lot lighter in the wallet.

Either the Riders make the playoffs this year or Jones needs to go. I'm sure we can get a much cheaper clown that can get fined every time he turns around and still not win, at least the savings on a cheaper GM could go towards paying off the fines.

What makes you think he gets caught every time?

honestly…talking to the guys PR agent…I can’t believe that they are calling that tampering…seems kinda bs

i like pushing the envelope and sometimes you are going to get burned with it…yes Jones has went too far with a some stuff (mainly the extra players…every single team does it but he was ridiculous) but this one seems like a stretch. Is it tampering if you share a barber and you ask about the player…kinda bs

Well if he's that disliked in the league, then he's just a hindrance to the team.

I have no way to prove it but it almost seems as if the conversation could have been about young.

How far separated do teams have to be? What steps can you take that would prevent fines?

A lot of players use the same agents- publicist - trainers etc. If there is fines for talking to any connected in any way it could make it difficult to operate for any team.

Ed Hervey est disponible. Il a monté une bonne équipe à Edmonton. Il pourrait en faire autant à Regina sans avoir à enfreindre les règlements à tous les deux mois.

:lol: :thdn:

this quote is taken out of todays Leaderpost.

" “I share their disappointment,’’ Reynolds said. “We’ve talked about this internally and we don’t expect this to happen again. We’ve addressed it and we have to turn the page and move forward. As the leader of this organization, I’m extremely disappointed in it, and I share the fans’ disappointment. "

my question is why didn’t this conversation take place after the first fine ?

do you want to push the envelope ?
yes, but within the guidelines of the CFL rules and regulations.

It did...I find this fine to be kinda BS based on what I have heard which is basically this...

Riders were talking to PR agent about players 'out there' that might be looking...it is one of the things scouts and such do within their contact field...JM was brought up and the workout he was going to to put on during bowl week was as well....person said oh where is that happening (suggesting they might want to check it out). Another person within the CFL had a similar conversation later and it was mentioned the Riders were interested in the workout. No idea if they attended but even if they did...I call BS on tampering...it was an open workout by JM. So it really sounds as if Dunk's source was the person within the CFL and that traced back to his PR person that Dunk called 'someone close to Vince' (as he said he had traced). Even if a Rider rep was at that workout...this is lame.

Note that I am intentionally leaving names out. I don't know this for 100% but the person that told me I have a high level of trust in when they tell me things. If all of that is true I say BS on tampering personally. That would mean that if a scout or something attends an OTA or mini of an NFL team or a practice of a NCAA or Arena or what have you team and observe someone on a neg list that it is tampering. That IMO is complete BS. It is my understanding that the conversation was not "about JM" but that it was something that came up during the conversation.

If the Riders were the ones seeking something out...yup...nail em. If they actually worked him out then a rather massive hammer should come down still. If it is actually how I am lead to believe it occurred I find the whole thing a rather large load of dung.

Why has the CFL not nailed the Riders for a workout...likely because what was conveyed to me is fairly accurate and they never "worked him out" but potentially attended an open workout he put on. Would this be breaking the tampering rules? Not really IMO. I suppose one could argue that they discussed a neg listed player, but that seems pretty weak sauce if this is true....pushing grey area...sure...actually tampering...I don't think so.

thanks Depop,
talk about timing with negative news, I still cant believe that their is no witch hunting going on as with the mini camp there was nothing but positive news coming and then BOOM we get fined ?

can you shed some light on to the 2 infractions that the Riders were dinged for on the junior player and the suspended player ?

Sammy Brown and Amobi Okoye were suspended.
Okoye was the one they brought in that they brought in that was an NFL standout but had sesuires and was put into a medically induced coma...brought him in on the suspended list....I think it was suspended because not medically fit...but they worked him out while he was getting his physical (a very thorough one) and viewed it as part of that process (which IMO is understandable, but technically he has to pass the physical then be taken off the suspended list before he can work out. Mistake...sure...but not a biggy really and I think that is a fine that you can say "yeah, our bad" and be good with it.
Sammy Brown I don't know the story on for sure...I will ask when I get the chance. I believe he had technical issues reporting and was put on the suspended list while making his way to camp...he showed, they worked him then released him...it is just something that is coming to mind for whatever reason. If I am recalling correctly then it is a matter of not being an arsehat with paperwork....I would assume that fell on O'Day as my understanding is he dealt with a lot of that stuff around camp time, could have been Murphy, very unlikely Jones...kinda got the impression that they were like 'lets get the paperwork filed' and then worked him out but it was not filed...any way you look at it I am 99% sure it was poor administration. I remember he was officially unsuspended and then turned on the same day...assuming they were late on the paperwork.
Both of those guys likely did their reps with the roster fiasco but this was a technicality to nail them a bit harder...could be wrong...might be entirely separate....way way in the past and in that time-frame anyways...it is not like this was mid-season....it was well before he got slapped and said he would correct things so I am prone to lump it all together in some fashion.

I am assuming the Jr was Jack Archelaus. Henry and Grondin are the only others that would come to mind...but pretty certain they were fine. 99.9% confident it was Jack Archelaus though. I am not super familiar with the territorial rights...but he would have fallen under them I am pretty certain.

That one is bad...they Fd up there for sure...not sure how you can make that mistake. I know it is a rule and you have to play within it but I have talked about it before...it is a brutal rule. They need to amend that in a bad way. A player should not be restricted from playing just because his local team hasn't picked him up...that is ridiculous. If a team wants to bring a player on they should be able to sign them and the territorial team should have 72 hours to match the offer. It is a brutal rule that only hampers finding more hidden gems....that helps nobody....most importantly the potential player.

The thing is though depop is these rules just didn't pop up over night so the team couldn't have known about them, so how come with Jones, Murphy, etc also not new to the CFL do they not know about them? Sure you can say this rule is stupid or should be changed or that one is no big deal but they are rules and other teams aren't doing it so why are we?

This whole thing of a fine here and a fine there while they may not seem critical, they do start adding up quickly. Yeah some say we can afford the fines so no biggie but can we ? Last year was not a great year financially and I doubt 2015 was either so just squanderng away money on fines at the rate they are is going to hurt the team. It is also hurting the teams image and make us look very unprofessional which is never a good thing.

Bottom line is it needs to stop and stop now. IF they are unsure about something they should contact the league and get clarification before proceeding. If they find out what they plan on doing is not within the rules and do it anyways then someone needs to pay for it. This can not continue on as it has been without reprocussions to someone. Do it by the book or pay the consequences.

The Jr thing I give you...like I said there is no excuses for something like that even if I think the way the rule is laid out is ridiculous. I don't really care too much about the others. What concerns me is that they got this one and then tried to hold a camp in Montreal....that to me is far more concerning....granted it sounds as if nothing was known about that player issue/fine until after they tried that. And I still disagree with the premise of not being able to have a tryout in another territory...only thing protected under those rights is Jr players...there are others that could attend (including many Americans in a place like Montreal)

The Okoye was a "oh crap" thing...I can understand that mistake and attribute it to learning a lesson. I can totally understand in that situation why they would consider seeing the player in action a fair part of evaluating medical condition / completing the physical....ffs it was at football that the events went down that led the man to be in a coma...I get the stress test entirely. Was that okay with the league...no,....but I can entirely see both points of view on that one....definitely some grey area but one that I think most GMs if not every would have been comfortable working him out under in the past. because it was part of assessing his overall condition medically/physically when taking his past into consideration I can 100% stand by the decision to press him will suspended awaiting medical...it is a matter of working him out under liability vs no liability. I have a hard time not understanding and siding with that decision

Brown was an administration f up...not intention. An issue...of course....something that was hopefully immediately addressed internally so that there is clarity moving forward. I would imagine these errors are actually somewhat common, the Riders just happened to be getting an intense audit so got pinned for it. Anyone who says that they have an administration job and has not made an error like this is lying....the goal is simply to minimize them and they likely have or the audit would have turned up more.

Its not weak sauce. There is precedent, so much precedent with Jones operating a la Don Matthews. He invited Tim Tebow who at the time had been on the Als neg list for years to come and "visit his Florida mini-camp while he was in Edmonton. Look it up. Dig :wink: