Ho Hum - Another Als win streak to start the season!

Alouettes soar in summertime
The Montreal Alouettes (6-0) continue to be the CFL’s only undefeated team after dismantling the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 44-16 on a Saturday night. Followed by a third victory already against the Ti-Cats, and in a Grey Cup rematch, a victory on the road in Edmonton to go to 6-0.

Although they are still a long way from the 1948 Calgary Stampeders’ record of 12 straight wins to open a season, great starts are nothing new for the Alouettes. Since rejoining the CFL in 1996, the Als have had opening win streaks in 10 of 11 seasons.

Year Opening Streak Final Record Standing
1996 0-3 12-6 2nd/Lost East Championship
1997 3-0 13-5 2nd/Lost East Championship
1998 3-0 12-5-1 2nd/Lost East Championship
1999 3-0 12-6 1st/Lost East Championship
2000 5-0 12-6 1st/Lost Grey Cup
2001 4-0 9-9 3rd/Lost East Semifinal
2002 8-0 13-5 1st/Won Grey Cup
2003 3-0 13-5 1st/Lost Grey Cup
2004 6-0 14-4 1st/Lost East Championship
2005 1-0 10-8 2nd/Lost Grey Cup
2006 6-0 and counting

Nice to see the birds went to the Eastern Championship 9 times out of 10... Who will be joining us this year ?

summer time wins are nice, but the November wins are the sweetest.

I admire birds that like to show their plumage (e.g. puff chest in show of bravado), but those are also the ones that are first to be plucked out of the ecosystem by those nasty predators like large feline cats (east and west variety), gophers (they can be vicious if left to starve for a while), meat eating Inuit, and scary horses (not really scary I guess, but they can produce a lot of noxious gas).

Time will tell Montreal, time will tell, especially in such an even year as this.

I never thought I'd read the phrase "meat eating Inuit" on cfl.ca.

Goes to show you anything's possible.

Even?... What do you mean?...

Oh ! You refer to those seven mid-level teams... Yah, okay... they're all pretty even, indeed...


Are there any veggy eating Inuits?
By your stats it looks that the Als need to go 8-0 in order to win the GC... Gophers?

IOW: Als have done this before lots of times only to fail to get to GC --- or lose it when they do.

Me, neither. :lol:

Looks like level of discourse might actually be rising. :stuck_out_tongue:

Current streak extended to 5-0

But this one sure was close !!

so the Al's are picking up where they left off in 2004? so what else is new? :roll:

Al's Vs. Bombers in East Final this year!

Now 6-0 and counting!

Think of it this way.

The Alouettes never lost the Grey Cup when starting 7-0. So, if we can just win the next game... which is at home... :twisted:

Attach your chin straps Toronto! :rockin: