The numbers are in for the past weekend, unfortunately I have been scourring the papers and the net in hopes of finding out what we suspect will be huge Labour Day viewership.
Unfortunately all we have is the typical Friday-Sunday results.
Still not bad though as noted.

  1. CFL Sunday Win-Sask TSN @ 463,000 the largest audience of the year and well above the average of 348,000.
    2.3.4. MLB Seattle-Tor Sunday & Saturday CBC @ 406,000 & 304,000; Friday TSN @ 399,000 good numbers for a team out of contention
  2. Auto Racing Nascar Sunday TSN @ 302,000
  3. CFL Friday Mon-BC TSN 263,000 late night contributes to lower numbers, but upon closer inspection RDS of some 200,000 not included so we do have in excess of 450,000
    7.8. Tennis US Open Sunday & Sat TSN @ 246,000, 170,000
    9.10. Hockey, JR Xibition Canada-Russia Friday & Saturday Sportsnet @ 151,000, TSN @ 150,000, this is a dog with fleas as most of us predicted the stupidity of hockey in the summer would not fly in this somewhat hockey starved nation and especially meaningless xibition games.

If someone does come up with the Labour Day numbers please post asap.

I guess they didn't include the Monday games... Who was it who said they would? :lol:

How did NFL and NCAA?...

Nowhere to be seen.

It was me :frowning:

I figured because newspapers weren't running Monday and it being a holiday they'd include it... just a guess though :wink:

Labour Day Numbers:

Argos-Ti-Cats: 687,000
Stamps-Esks: 734,000

From where?

I heard it on the Fan 590 today.

It made sense to me. It was a long weekend, why not include the numbers?

Good God! Those numbers slaughtered the Sask/Win game... and the funny thing is, as big an Esk fan as I am, the Sask/Win game was probably better. :lol:

We were blessed to have great matchups on the labour day weekend. Disregard how good or bad teams were, pretty well all the games featured teams with nearly identical records, a lot of very even and close match ups.

That and Monday is a holiday, CBC is a channel everyone gets, and you get fantastic numbers.

True, Dust, and 463,000 is nothing to sneeze at...

But this worries me... Mon/B.C. scored under 300,000... As I said in another topic, the problem with this series is there's no real rivalry... They need to do something to fix that. For a Friday night, that number should be higher.

Well, as was posted, there were 200,000 on RDS, so that number is over 400,000 in reality.

Throw in the fact that the kickoff was 10:30 pm in Eastern Canada, and 12:42 and 30 seconds or whatever in NFLD, and that's not bad at all.

The Lions late start games against Sask and Wpg had better ratings. Many of Montreals hometown fans were probably watching RDS instead, dropping TSN's numbers.

How does the 700,000 for the Labour Day games compare to last year?