Hmmmm No Andrew Harris

Apparently AH didnt make the cut

20 infamous sports cheaters (

I’m curious, has that been announced? Or speculation

has what been announced?

did you read the link?

are you serious?

did you see AH on the list?

do you understand the list?

Did you not get the point of my post.

There are many who seem to think AH is the biggest baddest cheater ever. My post was tongue in cheek that he wasnt on this one list.

all righty then

P.S. I cheered for WPG in 19 GC, and have been defending AH

Dont know what Hamilton school system has to do with anything that has anything to do with me

When you say AH didn’t make the cut, that means he no longer plays for his team. What is your point.

you didnt read the link. do you know how to. The link is a list of famous athletes who cheeted. AH not on the list, ie, he didnt make that cut.

My apologies, I didn’t see AH on the list. I was misunderstood what you meant when you said AJ didn’t make the cut.
I just read an article Re: Wpg’s RB’s, which said Andrew may not play August 05 but his position will be filled by a Canadian.
Feel free to give me 2 thumbs down​:-1::-1:

no problem.

here is another list that AH did not make

Top 20 Worst Cheaters in Sports History | TheSportster

Some people just can’t ignore the low hanging fruit. :roll_eyes: