so many on line, so few posts.

Whats up wid ya all?

Cats got your tongues? :lol:

Ah ha, I think I do, afterall, want that mud slide to get to ya there in BC FootbalYouBet.

pretty safe on the flatlands of North Delta. No fires, mudslide, or floods here. Only the big one to worry about, and we dont bother, heh heh

What about Sasquatch? Isn't he lurking somewhere out there amongs't the tall red woods?


naah, I killed him yrs ago. He used to play for the lions, but then he missed a tackle and I decided that he had to go.

i was just wondering that too. if i dont have new posts to read i start rembering how sh!t my team is and thats not verry fun. :frowning: