I click on here, and apparently I'm still logged in as a member.

So what'd I miss?

Not much. Just Blue Blood crushing on Buck Pierce. :smiley:

Oh, and if a Canadian QB gets drafted, cflisthebest gets banned. :thup:

Time to start a letter-writing campaign to every team in the league. I'm still mad at him refusing his trade to Eskies fandom in exchange for Paolo.

....heh ....easy on the 'crushing' comments with regard to Buck.... :stuck_out_tongue:

......hmmmmmm ..didn't miss much....depends on where you left off....riders didn't win the Cup....again :lol:

Yeah, we spent a bit of time on that over on Riderfans.

This is by the way, but your offseason was, like, a month longer than mine - judging how I feel you must be going crazy by now....

Who killed thekillerisme?

…killler is still around…

…yes we ended a month earlier…with the same result as you guys…no Cup… Presently we’re working on our first round pic as a result :lol:

Just say something bad about Winnipeg and he'll come a-runnin'!

Has he learnt hisself any gooder English?

LOL...well played, sir.

Like he'd ever let proper English get in the way of a good nonsensical rant.

Didn't miss much. Bombers signed every "God gift to football", Gave every "football bum" their walking papers, and are well on their way to another 4 - 14 season. :lol: :lol:

You seem to have mistaken the Bombers forum for the Ticats forum. :roll:

Oh yea, forgot to mention that their Quarterback also cornered the world market on spinach and now thinks he's Popeye. :lol:

..... :lol: :lol: :lol: orrrrr the rider forum :lol:

Checked the Vegas odds lately on a Rider GC win :lol:

what does vegas know, they picked a play bunny stripper to win DWTS. :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn't Winnipeg currently have the longest Grey Cup drought?

That's old news chief, artie asked what did he miss, and vegas has the riders 7th (from 2nd or 3rd last year). Even your mighty eskimos are being given better odds.

Might not be a bad idea to lay a few bucks down on those riders. :wink:

The hell is going on in Vegas? :expressionless: