Hmmm... the Lions seem to have gotten it right!

Why couldn't WE have done it historically accurate?

I agree. Looks pretty good.

They look good, agreed but I still like the Cats jerseys.

Can't wait for the retro games this year :smiley: was disappointed when it was only Winnepeg and Toronto doing it.

I thought there was only going to be 1 retro game per year.

No, i'm pretty sure our retro games are july 18th, sept. 7th, sept. 11th

I meant, last year, the WPG/TOR game was the only game of the year the was a retro game. (They ended up playing with those jerseys again in Winnipeg)

The league said last year that there was only going to be 1 retro game each year, league wide. I guess they changed their minds and are having every team participate (multiple times) throughout the season.

Hopefully the rest of the league doesn't have happen to them like the TOR/WPG merchandise. You can go to Vaughn Mills and at the Reebok Outlet store buy jerseys, tshirts and polo shirts of their retro stuff. You can pick that stuff up dirt cheap.

They're making a big mistake by over doing this, I thought the uni's looked brutal and they should have had their leather helmets on as well.

Hopefully this year the retros are from the 70's and not the 20'3 and 30's like last year.

I wouldnt want it even if they were giving it away.

Homeless people wouldnt even wear it lol

The Lions’ offering looks very well done.

Oski Wee Wee,