hmmm, could it be

if Zach is out for the season, and if the ticats slide noticeably (which I don't think they will) Ottawa could find themselves in the cup. They wouldn't win it but not so bad to see them there, even though it should be the cats with the cats winning.

I was thinking the same thing.

The RedBlacks really impressed me in BC.
They are the second best team in the East.

If the RB continue by winning tonight, heck all bets are off.

I thought I saw just enough from Ottawa last year to expect more than most from them this year with their new players.

I expected them to make the playoffs and win more than most seem to expect. I am only a little surprised that they are in position to grab second place. Anything better is bonus for them.

I usually cheer most for ham andor tor in the east, but this year I favour Ottawa the most because they are a new underdog team and because I am a fan of Burris and would like to see him do well until the end, and because I like a few of their receivers.

I am with you, with the RB my second favourite team.

Gods are smiling on them.

Als coaching a mess to start the year and left with a rookie QB

Toronto missing maybe the best QB in the CFL entering the season and missing their MLB

Hamilton loses Collaros

Ottawa gets both games against Hamilton post Collaros AND is gets an extra hime game ( :roll: ).

Campbell might get fired if they aren't at least in the East final.

Plus about 20 other players, many of them key starters! (Hamilton) :frowning: Think I'm going to have to stop cheering for Ottawa :slight_smile:

Say it with me Tabbie.....RRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDBLACKS!!!!!!!!!! :rockin:


Even if ZC is gone for the year, do you really think the season is over for Hamilton then? It stuns me at how little any of you know about Jeff Mathews.

3 INT's and two being pick sixes certainly wasn't a good start, but this was his first action as a passer all year in time that wasn't just garbage cleanup in the 4th.

Mathews owned the Ivy League in the NCAA, and has used the Austin/Condell offense in some form since 2010. Remember, Austin was the HC and Condell the OC at Cornell from 2010-2012.

Also, Mathews, as bad as his first real action went, was still able to throw for over 3x the yards that MR did for the Esks.

Then there is Hamilton's D, which proved last night it is the true best D in the CFL, holding the Esks to 49 passing yards on only 7 completions all game. Hamilton was also starting two backup DB's in Stewart and Gainey.

The Mathews sloppy jitters will be cleaned up and you will all see what he can truly do soon enough.

Lol! Go on believing that!

Hey I have a little soft spot for the OTTRBs (what I like to call them :smiley: ) since they have a nice smattering of former Ticats players (or had). Always liked Ellingson in particular and was sorry that he couldn't work his way back on to the roster last season. Should Ottawa - by some fluke - :wink: beat us out to become the East team in the Grey Cup I'll definitely (maybe) be cheering for them!

Not sure about that was the Hamilton D that good are was Reilly just that bad, I'd go with the latter Edmonton had a lot of open receivers but Reilly couldn't complete the pass countless times he was either short or way too long . How many points did the Esks D get .

Your "tongue in cheek" meter needs a tune-up. :roll:

I admittedly am not an Ottawa CFL Football Club fan, and thereby we disagree on many things ... but please give me more credit than thinking that previous post was serious.

Maybe it's your delivery. Or timing. I've spent the last couple of years hearing that Burris was washed up and in some cases that they should have stuck with Glenn. That Campbell would be gone by year's end. That Desjardins is a clown and he got hosed in the Price/Simmons trade. The majority of their early wins this year were dismissed as flukes due to injuries or some other excuse.

So I don't know how you would expect me to know YOU didn't mean it. What WAS your point, exactly, since at the time that you posted it, no one was questioning their legitimacy?

My original post noted how well things are lining up for the Ottawa CFL Football Team in terms of factors outside their own play:

Ergo, the intentional exaggeration to make the point that it is going so well that Campbell would get fired if he doesn't get to the Final.