Hmmm, all in fun or over the top?

I'm trying to see where the cartoon says it's on ongoing thing to ogle the other woman. To me, it actually appears as he's taking a glance as they pass on the sidewalk. And, by turning his head (rookie mistake) he's gonna get caught....

Again, that's just my take. It's an appreciate glance at something that might appear attractive, but when you realize that it's going to require more money than you have, and more time than you have, it's not worth it. Specially when your arm candy is already high quality, as mine is. :slight_smile:

...good post monkeyman, couldn't agree more....

Although if my wife ever finds out I referred to her as "arm candy" I may be without said arm candy... :wink:

...or at least your arm...

The interesting thing about that is, if you read the attached article, a guy like Argo-Bill could be in real trouble.
The chances of an NFL team coming to TO are not nearly as high as the chances that the Bills will soon be the Anaheim Bills.
Then maybe the Argo-Bills of the world will understand what the cartoon really says, the NFL is "a 3 dressed up as a 9"
[/quote], poor bill, I'm sure he could come here for sympathy....

"rookie mistake" - good one monkey! Good post. Had an ex who basically said if I do this again, she would cut it off, and I'm not talking an arm here!

An “ex” huh?
Shall we asume that while the butcher knife may not have come out, you did indeed continue with “rookie mistakes”?

So far, I've almost never been caught..... and even when I probably am caught, it's never an obvious ogle, so....... I think she gives me the benefit of the doubt, and I don't bring it up. Works for me!! :slight_smile:

Earl, I think I see why you converted her to an ex.... :slight_smile:

...the passing glance at a hottie is genetically hard-wired into our 'every-six-seconds' brain......we can't help it...

Exactly.. and there's that "article" whether it's true or not that says half an hour of staring at breasts is apparently good for the heart.... I'm sure there's a couple guys who tried to quote it to get out of trouble.

I remember an email I got years ago, picture of this smokin' hot girl, caption underneath "Although this may be the hottest girl on the planet, someone, somewhere, is tired of putting up with her crap." I laughed till I peed.... (no, not really that much, but close)

Look guys, here's the story, a Coles note version. Was married and my first turned gay, ok. She didn't want it but wanted only from the other side. So afterwards I went out with a girl 13 years younger, she was what I needed, a bit chubby but wanted it lots. But she was a psycho, didn't work out. But I was always looking, you would too if your friggin wife turned gay.

Happily married now though for 6 years, and this one ain't turning gay and is fairly down to earth.

Yes red, we are sort of wired this way, I agree.

PS. Ex wife and me are still friends, we just used one lawyer, no kids to fight over and we both made the same money, an easy divorce as easy as can be I suppose.

That is quite the story Earl.... glad to see you came out of it alright, well enough to talk about it anyways.

Hey monkey, it was tough, I loved my ex, met her at school, and she was "normal" for the most part at the beginning. But I was devasted, grew up Catholic and stuff like this isn't supposed to happen, you just meet someone, get married, have kids and so on. But that didn't happen. She was in counselling and it was there I found out about her wantings for the other side but I knew obviously something was wrong, didn't take a genious.

Anyways, that is that and I've got a good one now. But at 50 and my wife at 46, no kids at this point. 6 cats though and we love them to death.

Sorry boys for boring you, still does help to talk about this a bit I have to admit, especially to CFL fans - the best.

FYB, don't generalize about Ontario please, you are wrong doing so.
yeah, I mean not to suggest that all or most of Ontario wants the NFL, but that most of those that want the NFL reside in Lower Ontario. Kinda hard to always remember to make that distinction. Sorry.

Actually I wasn't thinking of the NFL chick as a one night stand, but rather as a tease - looks really hot and gets you excited in anticipation of something out of this world. But you never come away satisfied.

Actually, I found the cartoon quite humorous.....

And for the record, even though the topic has seemingly passed, Mr. jm02 is welcome to look all he wants - can even make the "rookie mistakes" if he wants long as his best looks are reserved for me.....

like, who cares where the eyes go, its where the hands and go that matter, heh heh

It's like Mrs Sportsmen would say, you can window shop, but NO TOUCHING the merchandise!

Well I always say

Just becasue Im shopping doesn't mean Im buying!