Hmmm, all in fun or over the top?

Like this cartoon or not like it?

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I'd like it more if the CFL girl didn't have hair sticking out of her arms and legs like that...

Besides the fact that I don't think the disparity is that great between the two.... the CFL girl should be a bit more appealing to the one armed man.

Well she might be Italian monkey I guess now that you mention the hair. :lol:

Over the top for "Canada's broadcaster".

Isn't every good Canadian supposed to be able to laugh at ourselves though?

Actually I found it funny...

i think it accurately portays how many feel. nfl with all the marketing may be something nice to look at occassionaly but we would rather hold unto something with substance.

There are two ways to understand this cartoon. The litteral way or figurative one.

Litterally, it says we have bigger fields to play on !

Figuratively, it says the NFL is one night stand material, while, with the CFL, it's 'Till death do us part.

Good takes on this Third.

I kind of doubt that this is what the cartoon artist was driving for when he drew this.

I agree third. thats a good explanation

same here i hope thats what it was and not some jerk being a smart a$$

I wonder if the cartoonist had fans like Argos_Bills in mind when he drew it.... :lol: :lol:

I like your analysis on this Third.

Again, I'm not going to tear my hair out over this.

Just maybe Sambo, just maybe.

Neither will I Sportsman but then I ain’t got no hair to pull out anyway!

it would be more accurate though if the guy just represented ontario.

But let's face some facts FYB, I bet that 95 percent of posters here are somewhat envious if you will, of most of the NFL stadiums and the production that goes into NFL games on TV. I'm not saying envious of the actual games themselves that is. I know that we would all love for CBC and TSN etc. to have the resources the American networks have and for our stadiums to be as big and nice as most NFL stadiums are.

Nice drawing, simple, to the point. I'm confused by the Canadian flag on the guy though... should be a flag for all the NFLsnobs out there; maybe it could be a shot of the Blue-jays owner...

The only thing I envy about the NFL is the number of teams they have, and the financial security the league as a whole seems to have.

However, recognizing that there may be more attractive women out there than the one you are with is not the same as oggleling(sp?) them with desire all the time, as this caption seems to imply. That is for the most part, stictly an Ontario thing as it relates to the caption.

billyjimbo wrote:

maybe it could be a shot of the Blue-jays owner
Actually, I think you are speaking more of their president Paul Godfrey. FYB, don't generalize about Ontario please, you are wrong doing so.