im j.w u esks fans if u were the gm of the eskimos and bc offered to trade printers for ricky ray would u take it?!?or keep ricky?!!?

I'd keep Ray. While Printers is a talent I am a little surprised at all the posters in here that talk about him like he is the biggest talent this league has ever seen. For my money he has to put up the same numbers this year and win the grey cup to get himself to the level that Ray is at. Even then, does that make either one of them automatically the best in the league? I don't think so. I think they are best described along with Kerry Joseph and Henry Burris as the next generation of star QB's in the league.

I'd keep Ricky, he already tried the NFL, Printers will be leaving after this season. asfore Burris being a future star, I do not agree with. He will be like Nelon Green. good enough to keep his job, but not good enough to win the Grey Cup.

Ray has taken us to the Grey Cup the two years he was here, winning one of them.

You have to stick with Ray.

Printers may be leaving, but there is nothin written in stone that says he will not suffer the same fate as Ricky Ray did. If he is such a superstar why did he need to begin his career in the CFL? The only reason Warren Moon came here was because of racial bias at the time towards black QB's in the NFL. Those days are long gone.

I think he will attract some attention as did Ray, but whether or not he stays is another matter entirely.


The problem with the NFL is that too many NFL scouts pick players based on politics.

For example, if a player didn't play for one of the big colleges, they don't even get a glance, no matter what they can do in camp. It's the reason why players like Jeff Garcia, Ricky Ray, and Casey Printers were never even drafted.

Heck, Ricky Ray in one quarter during preseason against the Colts had no time to throw and was getting killed but was still 7 for 8 for 68 yards, and one interception (which was a 40 yard hail mary at the end of the half). Those are decent numbers for a quarterback in any league.

And believe me, all three of those QBs would do better in the NFL than some of these other clowns who were big stars in college but bums in the NFL (E.g. Rob Johnson, Ryan Lief, Eli Manning...)

Printers made the mistake already by signing in the CFL. He will be come a clip board carrying pine warmer in the NFL. No many make it once they have played in the CFL.